Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A "TON" of Good Lighting Stuff Right Before Your Eyes!

Where have I been all these years. I'm checking out DIYPhotography.net and out of the blue, stumble on a link to Don Giannatti's Lighting Essentials site and he has a lot going on over there. I really like his tutorial entitled, "Fill Flash At Sunset" right here. Hey, gang, there is a lot of good stuff over there and Don is singing my song - "Direction of Light" - a great web browse. Hit some of the links to his other sites too - he is doing some really good wedding work. Here is the link to his wedding website. Way to go, Don, you got it happening.

Well, everybody, that's it for today. Hope to see everybody here tomorrow for "Very Weird Wednesday" ;~) --David

1 comment:

  1. David - thanks for the link to Don Giannatti's Lighting Essentials site. He did a great job with the online video demonstrating the differences that small moves of an umbrella flash make.