Friday, February 29, 2008

A Fascinating View Of the World With Time Lapse Photography

Sometimes things just strike me as really fascinating to watch - Time Lapse photography is one of these things. Maybe it goes back to my days watching the Disney nature specials watching the flowers open up at the beginning of the day. Or, maybe watching the PBS series "The Planet Earth" that keeps me intrigued.

Anyway, here are two of my favorites - I hope you enjoy them too. By the way, scroll down for a few more YouTube links with some very cool time lapse videos you can watch over the weekend. Exotic Places--

Mount Tamalpais--

More cool time lapse videos--
Golden Gate Bridge - very cool.
Vienna, Austria - just beautiful.
A Year On Arctic Ice - mesmerizing.
Being Pregnant - really intriguing.

So are you hooked and now want to give it a try yourself? Check out these video tutorials on just how these amazing videos are created. Here is the first video right here and here is the second right here. Enjoy.

Hey gang, we are heading out the door in just minutes, so I'll visit with everyone from Mexico next week. Adios, --David

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