Monday, February 11, 2008

3D - It Really Works!!!

You have to see it to believe it, but there it was right in front of me - the swirling, rotating, gyrating swirls of color - I could literally hold it in my hand!

Well, maybe I've overstated it a bit, but I have to admit, it was "super cool" (from my geek point of view.) Here is the rest of the story - I told you I was fired up with the new Fine Art Photo Blog launch and key to my excitement was the cool group of photogs I get to hang with.

Well, you've got to check out Neil Creek's site for sure. All the others are great too, by the way, but Neil's site has some really fascinating 3D images on it and I'm kind of into that kind of thing. Neil goes into the whole 3D process right here, shows a nice selection of images, discusses how to view the images, and discusses how he is using the nifty Loreo 3D lens in a cap to capture the images. The concept works a lot like the 3D Magic Eye books we enjoyed with our kids when they came out years ago. You know what I mean, stare at the images while crossing your eyes slightly and, presto, you saw it in 3D.

Neil's images work the same way - I found holding my finger out about 15 inches (a little less that half a meter for our international readers) helped your "eyeballs" fix on the image a bit more quickly. Some people can make it work and others have a bit harder time with it - if you can see it, it really is a fascinating exercise. I've posted the image you see me staring out in this post just for starters for you. Check out Neil's site right here for many more.

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  1. Hi David.

    Thanks for the kind words and the links. I'm glad you've enjoyed my 3D pics. I had a lot of fun making them, and it always gives me a thrill to se friends' reactions when they "get it" for the first time. It really is an amazing effect.

    I love the picture you used to illustrate your post! It's a very effective "simulation" of how it feels to look at 3D photos.