Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Famous Faces You Can Own

If you are a Yousef Karsh fan as I have been for years, you have to check out this site right here. Mr. Karsh has been photographer to the famous people his entire career. I have always admired his portrait images for their striking, yet simple representation of the subject.
Well, guess what - you can now pick up portraits by Yousef Karsh. They are offered reasonably priced as gravure prints, color, black and white reproductions with archival matting for about $20 with the matting. I have to say it is way kind of fun just browsing the gallery of the images.
Wait, there's more - go to the bottom of the page and click on and you will be presented with a beautiful landscape image with a kayak in the foreground. See the links on the left - I invite you to take a very interesting journey through Mr. Uliasz multi-faceted world. It's quite a interesting trip.

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