Monday, February 04, 2008

A Good Morning Monday

Good Morning Sports Fans,
Well, to anyone watching the Super Bowl yesterday, I hope your team won. I've never been a big football fan till this year - and no, my team didn't win, but we did have a great time with several friends joining us to watch the game. LaDawn, on the other hand, has always been crazy for the sport. Her dad was a highschool coach, her sons both played highschool and college. She knows the game inside and out. The guys always get a bit peeved when she is in the room and makes the call before the refs and she is ALWAYS right. I think I just heard a rumor that for the 2008 football season, that any time a play was called for review, they were just going to call LaDawn and forgo the review monitors ;~)

OK, football aside, how about some news. I had a request to post a title on my image of the day - seems some readers of the blog aren't picking it up on their readers. The reason I have never titled the image of the day is for aesthetics, but for the next month, I'll include the title - ah, change is so difficult sometimes. So what's up for today? How about some inspirational photography and some gold nuggets from the web. That said, on with "Gold Nugget" Monday....

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  1. I can see and understand your issue with aesthetics.

    I haven't played much with blogger. Maybe there is a way to turn the title font black for a single post? That way you get the title without it being visible.