Monday, March 15, 2010

Quick Hit Monday: Still Seats For The Local Program; A Cool New Blog; And Some Outstanding Photography

Good Morning Everybody,
Spring - fotolia_3211573 We arrived back in Cincy late Saturday, and then headed up to another photography convention early Sunday.  The 3 hour time difference along with the "Spring Ahead" time change to EDT this weekend still has us dragging a little this morning.

We saw lots of the same folks "manning"  their booths at the "Mid-East" show in Dayton, Ohio who were feeling the 4 hour time change effects too. All will be fine by tomorrow.

Today's post is going to be "short and sweet" because I have a meeting with our state photography association board in Lexington, Kentucky in about two hours. So, let's get right to it.

Still Room At The Inn For MY CBTL Program On Wednesday

Studio Aud2 - fotolia_7231958Although the "Captured By The Light" webcast is filled to capacity, we still have a number of seats available if you would like to be part of our "live studio audience". I'm conducting the webcast from The Gardens, a small wedding venue here in Northern Kentucky. 
The address of The Gardens is 1622 Dixie Hwy, Park Hills, KY, 41011.  Here is the link to register and driving directions to our local broadcast.

Not from around here - you can still register for the "waiting list" for the webcast right here.  You can get all the details on the "Waiting List" policy right here. I'm encouraged that probably everyone on the "Waiting List" right now will be cleared for the program.

The Hornets' Nest Is A Buzzin'

Head butting - fotolia_19475814 Boy, who would have thought Friday's post, "How Much Of A Professional Are You?" would have elicited the response it did. There sure was a lot of “head butting” going on.  It is currently the all time comment leader here at DPT with over 25 pages of comments!  Thanks to all who took the time to post.

Even though some of the responses have been outright insulting and less than professional, I have let them fly - everything was and will continue to be posted.

I took the time on the flight home to read each and every post - twice. Because of my time constraints today, I didn't have time to post my comments.  I'm reserving that for Thursday's post.  Yep, you'll have to stop back.

Better "Search" Thru Optimization

seo - fotolia_16677874 I know that sounds a little like DuPont's catch-phrase, "Better Living Through Chemistry." But Jason D. Moore, a friend of this blog, has written a series of articles on Search Engine Optimization, or what you can do to raise your visibility.  The entire series is well written and worth a peek. Here is the link to the articles right here.  Thanks to Steve Kalman for catching the articles and posting the link here at DPT.

New Wedding Blog A Cookin'
Recently I received an email from Michael O'Neil about a new blog he is starting.  I wanted to see how things were going to shape up before I linked over to it.  It looks to be shaping up just fine, and, although the articles to date are few, they are all worth reading.
The Pro SpotMy favorite posts so far are "FIRST IMPRESSIONS" - it sort of speaks to my "hornets nest" topic on Friday and "WHAT MAKES A GREAT WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER".  You can find the link to Michaels, "The ProSpot" blog right here.

Real Life In Pictures - Now Maybe You Can Help
The Big Picture One of my favorite sites to visit now and then is the Boston Globe's Big Picture site right here.  It features the top news stories in pictures.  Many time they are thought provoking, inspiring, and heart wrenching - like this series of images on Chili three days later [link].
Sure makes discussions like Rebels vs. 5D's seem small in comparison.  
Hey gang, that's it for me today.  I’m heading out in about two minutes.
See ya' tomorrow,  -David

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