Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Technique Tuesday: A Visit To A "Top Gun" Studio

Good Morning Everybody,

Wow!  WPPI is expecting about 15,000 photographers to attend this year's convention - unbelievable!  I think we saw most of them yesterday ;~)

Jasmine Star One of the highlights of yesterday's convention was Jasmine Star's presentation last evening.  She had a packed house of over 900 attendees and I hear they turned away another 900! She had the audience locked to their seats for two hours and brought them to their feet with a standing ovation at the end.  Jasmine is one person to see if you ever get a chance.

Tafota2 I did two booth presentations yesterday - one was for my buddy, Grant Oakes at Tafota.com.  Tofota.com offers about the easiest way to get set up with a cool looking website.  And guess what, you get a real person on the line if you need any help setting up your site. 

Grant is the guy who answers the phone. And, I promise you, he won't hang up till you are completely satisfied with your site.  I know a few people that have set up there websites with Tafota.com and they are thrilled with Grant's service.

Want to give them a try? Email Grant at info@tofota.com and he will set you up with a 30 day free trial - what a deal!

I also did a booth demo for my buddies at Westcott.  Westcott manufactures the 45" Round Halo which is my favorite light modifier for studio lighting.  The presentations always pack the aisles, blocking the flow of traffic, but I still think everyone has a good time.

Want to come on by?  Here's where I'll be today and tomorrow:

Tafota.com - Booth #1667 at 11:00 a.m. today and 1:30 p.m. tomorrow.

Westcott - Booth #101 at 1:30 p.m. today and 11:30 a.m. tomorrow.

There are lots of interesting new things to see in the tradeshow - I'll plan on sharing a few of those items with you tomorrow.  Hey gang, time to get on with today's Technique Tuesday . Here we go...

Technique Tuesday: A Visit To A "Top Gun" Studio

Waldens I've mentioned nationally famous Walden's Studio  a few times at DigitalProTalk. We've been friends of Tim and Bev Walden for over 25 years.  Tim and Bev operate one of the top (and most successful) portrait studios in the country.

Their work is stunningly beautiful and their marketing concepts are the best I've ever had the good fortune to hear.  They are really good at what they do, both photographically and business-wise.

We had the opportunity to visit the Walden's a few weeks ago.  I had my trusty Canon 7D with me so I ask Tim if he could give me a quick studio tour.  What resulted was not only a wonderful and beautiful peek into their studio, but also, if you listen closely, a chance to hear some great ideas and insights into why they are as successful as they are.

The presentation walks you through the main entrance gallery, a review of there photographic styles, innovating photography concepts, the main shooting studio, and their sales room.  Like I said, give a close listen to Tim.  He has lots of "pearls of wisdom " coming your way. Hit the PLAY button below and enjoy the show.

Just a quick note before we wrap the day.  If you want to find out more about what Tim and Bev are up to check out Walden's University right here.  You may even want to register for their next session scheduled for the end of April.


Hey gang, that's it for me today.  We are heading back to WPPI for  more programs, fun and adventure.  If you see us there, please come on up and say "HI".

See ya' tomorrow,  -David

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  1. Great tour, thanks!

    The Waldens absolutely rock. I took a day lighting class at their studio back in August 09, wonderful educational day, I did not want it to end! And that studio is a real dream!