Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Technique Tuesday: Prisoner Of Azkaban - Walking Through The Creative Process

Good Afternoon Everybody,

My long running meeting yesterday and early morning meeting today got me off to a late start for today’s post.  But, no problem, here we go.

Wow! One day to go before tomorrow's free CBTL web-cast and I'm putting finishing touches on the program today.  I'm thrilled to have sponsors involved in tomorrow's program.  Our door prize total is over $1500 - just remember, you must be present to win.  I'll fill you in on more of the details tomorrow.

Gateway4For the web-cast tomorrow, I'm using a brand new Gateway ZX4800  I just received from B&H.  It's one of Gateway's new touch screen models and is pretty cool to use so far.  Actually, I was looking for a new computer to use as a print server around the studio. The current computer is on it's last legs as they say.

In researching the new computers, I have to say Gateway's touch screen features and usability were the best I found.  Gateway is NOT paying me to write this by the way - I'm just "waxing lightly" over the touch screen experience.  Another reason I picked up the new computer was to introduce myself to the Windows 7 experience, which I like in some respects, but not in some others.

I was never a Vista person and avoided that operating system like the "plague". Frankly, I think it was Vista that tuned the tide for the MAC.  That said, I've been on Window's XP for years and thought it was time to switch.  Here is the problem for me.  When I switch, I've got to change out 5 computers – very expensive.

Anyway, I like the "coolness" factor of the Windows 7 interface, but getting it connected on my studio network has not worked yet.  The new computer can't see the rest of the network and the XP machines can't see the Windows 7 machine.  I guess I'm heading to Google for solutions - sounds like some hours to get it worked out - never a pleasant experience.

Hey, enough of my gripping - how about we get on with this week's episode of Technique Tuesday.  Here we go.

Prisoner Of Azkaban - Walking Through The Creative Process

Prisoner's Moonlight I posted this image as an "Image Of The Day" a few weeks ago [link]. I kept looking at the original image and just kept feeling that there was something there.  I continued to revisit the image and run through several variations in Lightroom.  It was the last variation that I liked the best.

In this tutorial, let's call it a tutorial on creative thinking, I'll walk you through my thought processes to get to this final result.  Everyone may have a different take on the image and it's final result, but this is a peek into my creative journey to get to the result I enjoyed most.

Hit the PLAY button below and enjoy the show.


Hey gang, that's it for me today.  I'm updating a few things in my presentation for our web-cast for tomorrow.  I hope everyone that's signed up can make it.  We have door prizes from NIK Software, Graphic Authority, Marathon Press, American Color Imaging, Animoto, More Photos, DataColor, and B&H Photo and Video more.

Remember, you must be present to win. I'll explain more tomorrow.  I just visited our venue for tomorrow's presentation and it's all set up and ready to go.  We still have about 40 seats left.  If you live in this "neck of the woods" you can still sign up to be part of our live audience right here - yep, door prizes for our live audience too.  Boy, it's starting to sound like the Oprah Show isn't it;~)

Hope to see you there - on the web or here in good ol' KY.

See ya' tomorrow,  -David


  1. David,
    Love your image in today's post. I live in Boulder City outside of Vegas. You've got me all fired up to go out to the Valley of Fire to photograph. I will be using professional Nikon equipment to maximize the photographic quality. Thanks for Fridays post.

  2. You are so right. Lightroom is wery cool SW to play with, even my 3.5y old daughter is using it.

  3. Win7 and Xp will talk just fine.

    The process assuming you are not on a domain. In win7 go into Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items \ Network and Sharing Center then click on Change advanced sharing settings. Turn on network discovery, File and Printer sharing, and it's up to you if you do public or not.

    You'll need to have a local account created for access. Easiest way is to set the accounts the same user/password and it'll pass-through then.

    At this point you should be able to go to the UNC ( \\servername ) or into network and see XP and win7.

  4. Also....Ever consider putting in a Windows Home Server? (the name is deceptive) It'll cover your backup of all your machines, including image level backups.

    This video will give you a decent overview:

    "Microsoft Windows Home Server - WHS will automatically backup and restore your PCs and allow you to share and access files from any machine in the house as well as giving you remote access to those files and PC’s as well. This site will guide you on your journey of discovery with WHS."