Thursday, March 04, 2010

“Captured By The Light” Web-cast Presentation Now On Video!

Good Afternoon Everybody,

As Billy Crystal said in the movie "City Slickers", "It was one of the best days in my life and one of the worst days." Yesterday's web-cast was attended by 1000 excited viewers and the program went great.  I couldn't help thinking about all the rest of the folks that had signed up and couldn't log in because of the "room limit" Citrix places on their webinars.

Viddler CBTL I've had several earnest conversations with them on that point and it seems something positive will come from our discussions. In any event, the "bear" sure got us yesterday and we wanted to make it right for all those who could not attend.

We spent several hours yesterday and this morning working on a solution to rectify the situation for all those folks who could not login and I think we hit on a solution.

We have scheduled a second web-cast for March 17, 2010 and I've just sent an email to only those who could not log in to give them priority registration.  I'll open to everyone next Monday.

So, please if you were one of those who could not attend yesterday, please plan to come by on March 17, 2010.  If you still can't make the March 17, 2010 "LIVE" presentation, you can catch the entire video presentation RIGHT HERE.

Hey gang, I've got a meeting in just a few minutes but I still plan to get today's post up.  It will just be a little smaller than usual.  I'll plan to see everybody again later this afternoon.



  1. thank you the rebroadcast, BUT
    on a Holiday?
    St. Paddy's is a National Holiday.
    I hope to find an open Pub who has an internet terminal to watch.
    If not, I'll just have another pint in honor of you.

  2. David loved the webinar yesterday and I'm not just saying that because I won the "big door prize" (well maybe). Anyway, it was very well done. Can't wait to read your new book. Thank you.

    Kathleen Difato

  3. Sign up, folks, David gives a great gig! I am really enjoying reading "Captured by the Light".

    Balliolman :)

  4. David I love your work but in your book, do you mention anything about becoming an award winning photographer. How do I become one.

  5. I was unable to watch the webcast; stupid Monday through Friday job :-). but I am really glad that when I ordered your book from your web site you had an offer where you will include the presentation. I look forward to receiving the book and the DVD of the webcast. Thanks for all that you do for us!