Wednesday, March 10, 2010



©David A. Ziser

I thought I’d mix things up a bit today and post another image collage.  This time it’s a collage from a high school senior session.  This is typical of the types of high school senior sessions we shoot.  Most of our sessions are outside at a nearby recreation/park area.  The fall is the prettiest time to shoot as you can see from these images.  What you see to is a nice mix of images, expressions, and backgrounds.  This is what I try to do for all of our clients.  Here is the quick rundown on how I do it.  I shoot mostly with my 70-200mm IS lens on an APS sensor sized camera - today that would be my trusty Canon 7D.  The lens, zoomed anywhere from 100-200mm, is typically set to F4.0 or F5.6 depending on the brightness of the scene.  This give me the wonderful softening effect to the backgrounds. My assistant is always on hand with my off-camera flash shooting through my translucent Zumbrella.  That's what gives us the flattering, soft, dimensional lighting on our subject's face.  It's all pretty simple, but gives us a great result. Camera specs: Canon 20D fitted with 70-200 IS lens at 100-200mm, F 4.0 - 5.6 @ ISO 400.  Enjoy!  -David

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  1. How do ou tap into the senior market?