Wednesday, March 10, 2010

PhotoFAVS Wednesday: WPPI Update

Good Morning Everybody,

Captured By The Light Webinar Logo Encore Before we get into today's post I just wanted to remind everybody that next week's FREE encore presentation of my "Captured By The Light" Webcast is filling up - we have 400 seats left. Last time attendance "exploded" on the last two days so plan to get on board now.  Remember, we are manually capping the audience at 1000 people, the limit for the "Webcast room." So if you want to be part of the fun hit the link over in the top right or click here.

I mentioned the web-cast to several of my vendor buddies and many said they want to be part of the fun and are offering door prizes that we will give away during the broadcast.  Last time we gave away about $400 worth of prizes.  This time around the value of the door prizes is going to be around $1000!!!

So remember, we will be capping the attendance to 1000 manually. If you want to enjoy the program and be eligible for all the door prizes you need to get registered right away! Hope to see you there.

Be Part Of The Live Studio Audience Right Here In Greater Cincinnati, Ohio

Studio Aud - fotolia_7232028 That’s right, if you want to be a part of the live studio audience here in Greater Cincinnati, be sure to sign up right here.  There is NO CHARGE to attend in person and we have room for only 100 attendees.  Yes, you will be eligible for door prizes too;~) You can find out the location and registration information right here. Hope to see you there.

You know every minute out here in Las Vegas has been tied up with the trade show, checking out the new products, attending some up and coming speakers presentations, saying HI to friends, and my booth demos. It's all very exciting!  So I’m doing a special WPPI PhotoFAV Wednesday today, I thought I'd point out a few things that we found at the tradeshow that were pretty interesting.

WPPI PhotoFAV Wednesday:

Lowepro's New Pro Roller 100:

Lowepro Lowepro has been my bag of choice for many years now. I like how well I can pack all my gear so snugly in their bag.  Not only that, but with all the traveling we do, it fits perfectly in the overhead compartment of most planes.

Well, Lowepro has made some significant changes to  my favorite bag.  They have made it "lockable", added a place for a laptop, and cleverly added a design feature whereby you can easily carry your gear on board if the airlines insists you check you bag. Here is a photo of Dan and John, the two guys that gave me the Lowepro bag tour.

Check out all the features on the new bag design right here.  BE SURE you check out ALL 11 VIEWS to see the complete flexibility of the new design - you will be blown away. All very cool, including the fact that you can now use the bag as a tripod too - view 1#11.

Delkin's New Blu-Ray DVD Writer

Delkin Drive I stopped by the Delkin booth to see what was new with them.  My buddy Tom Robison, told me about their new Blu-Ray DVD writer.  Last year the DVD writer was over $400 - ouch.  The good news is that the new unit now writes at 8X speed - that's about 15 minutes for 25 Gigs of data - and is priced at only $250.  Now that's more like it. 

DAZNOTE: They are still showing the older unit on their site so wait till things update to see the latest info.

Now if we can just get the cost of the Blu-Ray discs down a bit more. The Gold 200 year life discs are still running about $25 each.  When they hit $10-12, I'll be jumping on board!!

iDC Video Run and Gun Kit

idc2OK, I have to admit, this was one of the most unusual and clever things I saw at the show.  How do I describe it? The company calls it "A Follow-Focus & LCD Viewfinder Combo".  Here's what it does.  You mount your Canon or Nikon Video DSLR on to the mounting bracket, add the viewfinder adapter and now you are ready to go.  No more trying to view your video shots through the camera's LCD viewfinder.  And what's more, now you can easy follow the focus with it's easy to use focusing knob. 

I have to admit, it was very clever how all the pieces came together and it worked quite well.  Here is the link to all the info. Be sure to scroll down and watch the video too.


Hey gang, that's it for me today.  We've got one more trip to the convention and that wraps it for us at this year's phenomenal WPPI. Be sure to check back tomorrow for Business Day Thursday.  This week we have Matt McGraw as my special guest blogger. You'll love his article.  See ya’ tomorrow.

Adios Everybody,  -David


  1. David,
    I just got your new book and I was up most of the night with it! It is easily the most well-written, clear, concise, howtodoit book on photography I've ever read. It's really a success manual for anyone who shoots weddings. I can also say as an attendee of one of your master classes that you held nothing back. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge. This book belongs on every wedding shooter's shelf for sure.

  2. David,

    Many thanks to you and your new book Captured by the Light. When I read the book I simply couldn't wait to get out and shoot with your suggestions in mind.
    All I can say is "WOW".
    Everyone shooting weddings should make it a must to buy your book.
    Doug Nelson, Desert Wedding Photography
    La Quinta, CA