Monday, March 08, 2010

Quick Hit Monday: Be Part Of My CBTL Studio Audience; Hot NEW Photo Blogs , Book Reviews; and More

Good Morning Everybody,
We arrived late Saturday evening landing in the “city that never sleeps.”  I love the vitality of Las Vegas, and we’re not even into gambling.
The most gambling I do in Las Vegas is to put my credit card into an ATM machine for some ready cash.  Even then I’m still out the 3% service charge. 
WPPI 30 We like the desert day trips, restaurants, and the shows, and this time around, WPPI’s 30th anniversary convention – I can’t wait.  It’s the largest portrait/wedding photographers convention in the world! I’ll keep you posted throughout the week.
Hey gang, lots of stuff to mention this week so let’s get right to it.
Studio Aud - fotolia_7232028 Be Part Of The “Live In Person” Audience For The Encore of My "Captured By The Light" Webcast
On Wednesday, March 17, 2010 at 4:00 p.m. EDT I'm broadcasting my "Captured By The Light" webcast worldwide for the second time – you can REGISTER HERE.
BUT next week I’m also broadcasting the webcast in front of a live studio audience!!! My team thinks I'm crazy for doing this, but like they say, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."  I think it will be a blast!
Here is the deal.  Next week I'm presenting my "Captured By The Light" FREE webcast for a second time. We are manually capping the registrations at 1000 attendees. That means that if you register, you WILL be able to login for the show.
You can be part of the fun, and a part of the live audience. Anyone living in the surrounding cities of Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville or wherever you are invited to be part of the "live" studio audience. 
Studio Aud2 - fotolia_7231958 To be part of the "Studio" audience, you need to REGISTER HERE. We are capping the "live" audience at 50 people because of space limitations at the hotel.  Our location will be announced shortly, but rest assured, it will near the Greater Cincinnati airport. 
Last Wednesday when we did the webcast, we never expected such an overwhelming response  with more folks registered than the Webcast room could facilitate.  That’s why I’m giving everyone who couldn't attend  an opportunity to tune in from home or be  apart of the “live” broadcast.
Yes, Ace #1 assistant, Nicholas, will be standing by to field as many of your “one on one” questions as possible. He will also forward your questions to me as well.  It worked great last week and should be fun again next week.  The live audience should also add some additional spontaneity and liveliness to the program.
So One More Time: Here is how to register
  • To listen to my webcast anywhere in the universe REGISTER HERE.  Attendance limited to the first 1000 registrations only – no exceptions – guaranteed seating.
  • AND
  • To be part of the “live” in person studio audience here in the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky area - REGISTER HERE. Limited to the first 50 registrations.
Captured By The Light Book Reviews Pouring In!
As reported by USA Today’s  Technology Live blog right here.
“Kentucky photographer David Ziser's wonderful new photography book, Captured By the Light, (New Riders, $54.95) is a book of wedding photography tips from one of the masters.
But anyone with at least a passing interest in photography and technique can learn a lot from it, even if they have no interest in weddings…”
As reported by Blog Critic Books right here.
“Captured By The Light…is unique in that not only does it cover wedding photography, but it does it as no other book on the market has done before.” … “If you are a wedding photographer or have any desire to shoot weddings or portraits, then I very highly recommend this book.”
5 StarsAll 5 out of 5 Stars At Amazon – Here are a few: 
“I've scoured for wedding photography books that encompass the perfect blend of inspiration, technique and overall workflow. And finally, this book arrives… Buy it.” M. Thompson
“…search the other "instructional" books listed on Amazon, Borders or any bookstore and you'll come to the same conclusion as me- there is nothing that even comes close to Mr. Ziser's "how to" approach…” Michael J.
“…this book is fantastic. David Ziser is one of the best educators around and not only explains everything in a way that is easy to understand, he will explain it in fine detail…” from Orlando, FL
“…I love this book! This is the first time I've seen someone explain to me in plain, understandable language tips that really help my photography…” Phillip G.
An because so many folks have continued to ask, I’m personally autographing all CBTL books ordered (see special pricing for our DPT readers) from our Digital Resource Center right here.
Thanks a bunch everyone!!!
And A Few Things You May Have Missed
BHInsights Blog [link]
OK folks, this one is going to be one of those “mover and shaker” photography sites.  B&H Photo and Video, the largest , most successful, and also one of the most customer friendly camera stores on the planet, just launched their new blog
I talked with Steve Schwarz, who is heading up the project for B&H and he tells me some great things are planned.  Already they’re content rich with over 4 years worth of articles covering, photography, video, and sound posted to the blog already!
Steve tells me they are planning to cover the blogging gamut with fresh content,instructional videos, guest bloggers (yours truly too, I hope), and lots more. I’m keeping my eye on this blog! I’ll keep you posted. One more time, here is the link right here.
Feeeling [link]
Check out Brian Aurer’s brand new blog on shooting film.  He has cleverly named it “Felling” Here is the link right here.
He is just getting started with the site and it already has a nice start on content. So if you are curious about shooting film or still shooting film this could become a “go to“ site for film shooters.
Photonetcast [link]
Here is another site to check out.  It’s run by an international group of bloggers and consists of some tantalizing conversations – photographically of course – on lots of interesting topics.  I just made the visit there again over the weekend and was amazed by what they have going on. It’s worth the peak and listen. One more time, here is the link.
Ken RockwellMore On Wide Angle Lenses and Lightroom
I’ve previously posted several posts on wide angle lens – I’m a BIG fan.  Anyway, I see a comment posted from one of our DPT readers, the Lightroom Queen. She points me to this great article at Ken Rockwell’s site [link] that is just jam packed with great info on not just what you should know about wide angle lens, but also how to use them and how to compose your shots with them.  It’s a great post – here is the link to the wide angle lens post.
And speaking of the Lightroom Queen, what a great source of quality Adobe Lightroom info.  Follow her on Twitter right here.  Be careful though, it’s quite the “brain fry.”
Hey gang, that’s it for me today.  Plan to stop by tomorrow for Technique Tuesday.  I’m pretty fired up about tomorrow’s post because I’m featuring a studio tour of one of the most successful portrait studios in the country.  Check back tomorrow to see what I’ve got in store.
See ya’ then, -David


  1. David,

    Over the last two months I have spent probably $250 on various books promising to teach me how to shoot weddings. While some of them have had nuggets here and there they have all pretty much left me disappointed. Last week I bought an annual subscription to KelbyTraining and received a free copy of your new book Captured By The Light. Finally, a book that delivers on what all of the others have promised but failed to deliver. I have since gone to your website and ordered your training DVDs. I also watched your training videos on KelbyTraining and they are all masterful. Practical and detailed, explaining why you do things and the subtleties that so many DVDs and books fail to explain. All I can say is, thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. David,
    I wasn't able to attend the Captured By the Light webinar that I signed up for, and am eternally grateful for the encore presentation! I just finished watching it. I must say, I wasn't planning on buying the book... thinking I had the convenience of your blog, so why bother. Well... I am certainly purchasing your book now! Wonderful wonderful wonderful! Thank you so much!

  3. Thanks for mentioning Feeling Negative?

    It's good to see that others are enjoying our site!

  4. Thanks for mentioning the B&H Insights Blog. We're all very excited about it and hope everyone finds it a valuable resource.

    Henry Posner
    B&H Photo-Video

  5. the city that never sleeps is nyc!!! lv is the city of sin!