Thursday, March 04, 2010

"Love As Big As The World"

Love As Big As The World

"Love As Big As The World"
©David A. Ziser

Anyone following the blog knows I'm a fan of the fisheye lens.  I just love the way it "bends" the lines and maybe even a bit of the reality of the scene.  The fisheye really adds a visually different and hopefully exciting perspective to an image.  From my vantage point in taking this image, the sky takes on a "worldly" perspective behind the bride. Maybe not everyone's "cup of tea" but I still like it. Lighting from camera left with my undiffused Quantum on full power. Camera specs: Nikon D1x fitted with 8mm Sigma Fisheye, F 14 @ 1/500 second, ISO 400.  Enjoy!  -David


  1. Nice :)
    But the bride is a bit too small for me.

  2. Dr. Ziser,

    Very "worldly" if that is a word.:)
    I love it and you know I love you Dave as my mentor I have to give you a hard time, I'm in Vegas and can't wait to see you and talk about my side project:)) Anyways I just launched my new site. Your book is amazing the most well rounded easy to understand and fun classic book. Bravo! That is a most the remarkable accomplishment.

    Cheers and good fortune-

    Please fill us in on your comments from the WPPI this year?