Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday: Too Many Things To Do, Too Little Time

Good Morning Everybody,

Yesterday was such a whirlwind, we barely had time to catch our breath.  At Photoshop World you begin early about 8 a.m. and end late – like around midnight.  Throw in today’s early morning wakeup call for my 8:15 a.m. program, and it’s a pretty full schedule.

KISSIf you’ve never been to a Photoshop World, well – you need to check it out.  Not only are the 3-4 days a complete “brain fry” of information, it is also “ton’s of fun.  The opening ceremonies yesterday brought tears to my eyes – because I was laughing so hard.   Scott Seeing Scott Kelby, Felix Nelson, et. doing the NAPP version of a 1980’s KISS performance in full costume and face makeup was just out of this world entertaining.

After the opening ceremony, it was a trip to the Tech Expo area to set up our booth.  I like to do that while I’m presenting at Photoshop World because it gives me a chance to visit with everyone that attended my programs and has additional questions. I also promised to autograph my new wedding book for anyone bringing it by. As well known photographer and author, Rick Sammon, told me earlier in the day, “It’s a lot more fun signing the book than writing it.”  I think I agree with you Rick.

Digital Exp And speaking of Rick Sammon he asked me to do a quick podcast with him for his new site I made the trip over to PhotoFocus to check it out – it looks pretty.  They have lots of stuff posted already.  I’ll keep you posted when the podcast hits.

DAZ Joe Another cool thing about this convention is just all the training that takes place in the classroom.  It’s also about all the training going happening on the Tech Expo floor as well.  Manfroto’s booth was right next to our booth.  Joe McNally did a 30 minute presentation right next to us.  I had the dubious distinction of serving as his model for part of his session – always good fun with lots of laughs.

After the show closed, we headed to the Peachpit Party – always a great get together with many of the top Peachpit authors:  Joe McNally, Deke McClelland, Burt Monroy, and so many others.  The first time I attended the party I felt like the “king of newbie's.”  Here were all these famous people whose books I had read and I have an opportunity to shake hands, pick their brains and share a few laughs with them. WOW! What an honor.

This time around  was again a lot of fun.  We got to catch up with blogging buddy, Syl Arena of, who has a brand new book on Canon flashes coming out, being published by Peachpit Press.  Syl is a great guy and we had a wonderful visit and LaDawn and I had a terrific time at the Peachpit party.

Scott and Felix Next it was off to the Photoshop Party at B.B King’s.  Scott’s band brought down the house.  I got some great shots and some video clips too.  I was hoping to get a quick Animoto show together, but that precious commodity called time is getting away from me again. I’ll try again later.

We need to head to the Tech Expo is just a few minutes so I’m going to wrap things up for today.  Next week we’ll get back on our regular schedule – I promise.

I’ll plan to see everyone back here tomorrow with more updates and who knows what else. 

See ya’ then.


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