Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yesterday's Web-Cast Simul-cast an International Hit!

Good Afternoon Everybody,

First off, I want to thank all those who attended my "Captured By The Light" Web-cast yesterday.  We had a few minor technical glitches with the simul-cast but those issues were resolved quickly and we were on or way to an exciting program for all of our attendees.

Antennas - fotolia_3603026 And speaking of attendees - in addition to several hundred attendees from the states, our audience was truly an international mix with folks signed in from Australia, Denmark, Singapore, Netherlands, Spain, Malaysia, Italy, Great Britain, Egypt, Canada, New Zealand, and many more countries. Once again, my sincere thanks to all those whom attended.

A few comments from those that attended:

"I really enjoyed David's webinar today - it was my first ever experience of such an event! It ran from 7am - 9am over here, which meant I then had to rush off to my office job immediately afterwards - what an anti-climax: all I wanted to do was grab my camera gear and go practice!"   S Vittori from Australia

CBTL3"Thank you!  It was awesome!"  S Callison

"Thank you!!!! Thank you for this seminar; I'm so grateful."   K. Smith

"Thanks for the FREE seminar. You rock David!"  K Pullen

"Hey I won the Animoto prize..wooHOOO!!!!!" Georgina from Florida.

"OK Goodnight from Spain then. Ciao!"  P. Durk

More Thank You's

I also want to thank all those that helped us pull off the first ever web-cast simul-cast here at DigitalProTalk.  There were a few moments that were touch and go, but once we got rolling, it was quite fun for me and, I hope, our web audience and live audience too.

Ace #1 Assistant, Nicholas Viltrakis, was my remote wing man for the presentation.  He was not on site, but at his home across town.  Being at his off site location, he could monitor the quality and rhythm of the presentation as all those on line were seeing the presentation.  Nicholas was also fielding several "one on one" questions for the web audience while I did the same for our studio audience.

Damien was my local wing man for the presentation and handled any technical glitches that popped up at our venue where the live studio audience was attending the program. CBTL2 He was also in communication with Nicholas and the two of them did a great job of pulling the technical part of the program together.

LaDawn and Sharon set the room for our local broadcast.  We had banners and sample albums for our guests to view before and after the program.  My thanks to both of them to making our local audience feel welcome and at home.

CBTL4And finally, my thanks to our sponsors for their generous support of the show.  We gave away over $2,400 worth of door prizes.  I think that has to be a first!

Why We Did It

The whole point of doing the simul-cast yesterday was to see how it might work for future programming here at DigitalProTalk.  The goal of yesterday's program was to bring as much value to both our web and live audience as possible.  I think we accomplished that "in spades."

The program ran over 2 hours.  As a result, I got to delve deeper in some of the topics I wanted to cover and answer several questions from our live audience. I think the audience participation brought yet another level of excitement to the event.

Now the main question - would I do a "live" simul-cast again. Yes, and I've already got a few topics I'm working on right now.

I Missed It, Where Can I See The Presentation Again

I have been working on that most of the day.  There is apparently a hitch with both Viddler and Vimeo in encoding the video – I tried uploading it 3 times.  We've never had a problem before.  I've been trying several other software and hardware solutions today and hope to have things resolved by tomorrow. 

Check back again and I'll point you to the video if you missed it yesterday.


Hey gang, on that note, I'm out of here today.  I know I promised and update on last Friday's post.  With the web-cast yesterday and regrouping around here today, I simply ran out of time.  Tomorrow is a lot lighter schedule-wise so look for my comments tomorrow.

Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day.  I've got clients coming by all afternoon  and into the evening, so I've got to get scootin'.  Look for the post to be up by noon tomorrow.

Until then, have a great one,  -David


  1. The online listeners were told that the remaining list of winners which we did not hear would be on the website. When will that be up?

  2. Nicholas promised to post the names of the winners for those of us that were cut off when the webcast laost sound. How do we find out if we need to E-mail Jennifer before our 24hrs is up?

  3. Good Afternoon

    Thanks for providing an entertaining and informative Webcast last night,it really was enjoyable!

    Are you posting a list of winners of the "Door Prizes" as when this was being drawn the sound went down,and of course I´m curious to know if I was a winner!

    Thanks in advance

    James Arendell

  4. Since the web site had no audio during the door prizes the names were supposed to be posted to the blog here so we would know if we won. Where are the names?

  5. David, we lost audio during the door prize giveaways (starting with the Zumbrella through the end) so us remote people don't know who won. Nicholas said you would post the winners names.

  6. David. Many thanks for the webcast. Please could you list the names of the winners because during the cast we lost audio around the point you were giving away the zumbrella so we are unsure if we were winners. Many thanks...

  7. I enjoyed the webinar and love the book. I can't to recieve the DVD new dan series. I pre-ordered about two weeks ago. David near the end of the webinar when program went down. Nikolaus said they would post the prize winners on today's blog. Am I just missing them?

  8. Hi David... thanks so much, again, for the fabulous free webinar yesterday. Wow! You really covered (and I learned) a lot!! I hate to repeat what's already been asked, but I'm one of the folks who lost sound toward the end... right in the middle of the doorprize giveaways. Where do we find the list of winners? How do we know if we need to email Jennifer before our 24 hours is up? Thanks again!

  9. This comment from your posting "OK Goodnight from Spain then. Ciao!" P. Durk" was written by me when I thought the webinar had finished due to sound problems. The "OK" part of my comment was a speech mannerism and not my feelings about the webinar; that was absolutely fabulous and I thank David for putting it on for free. Best regards Peter D.

  10. You never thanked your Event Manager, Jennifer. I for one know she did a lot of the behind the scenes work. I would have missed the webcast had she not been so keen to find that I signed up for the local presentation. She's was a great deal of help and went out of her way for me.