Wednesday, March 03, 2010

"An Elegant Afternoon"

An Elegant Afternoon

"An Elegant Afternoon"
©David A. Ziser

Here is an image I made during this young lady's bridal shoot.  We used the groom's mother's home which offered a really beautiful backdrop for the photography.  In this shot, notice how I framed the bride within the interior frames of the two doorways. I brought my flash in from camera left to create the beautiful key lighting on her face.  The lighting was enhanced even more by the natural light coming in from a window - camera right and slightly behind the bride. Balancing the ambient with the key light resulted in a really nice, simple  portrait of our bride.  Camera specs: Nikon D1x fitted with 18-35mm Nikkor at 32mm, F 4.0 @ 1/100 second, ISO 640. Enjoy!  -David

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  1. Beautiful picture as always! Thank you for the free webinar yesterday, it was great! It was awesome to review the entire book with you and I can't wait to buy it...still saving my money for it! Trying to sell a few good books to get your "really" good book!! :)