Thursday, August 07, 2008

How To Get My Podcasts From I-Tunes

I had a few comments about getting my Podcasts to iTunes. It's real easy. Just hit the get Podcast button on the widget - see the first image.

That brings up the screen shown in the next image.

I hit the "Subscribe to iTunes" button, and presto, there it is downloading in my iTunes library. Hope that helps, David.


  1. Just realized my Firefox 3 on Mac was blocking the popup after hitting the get podcast button. (I've a couple plugins installed as well so maybe it was one of them.) At any rate make sure you are allowing the popup so you can subscribe. Thanks David.

  2. Thanks for the podcasts David and taking the time to share all your awesome knowledge. You're a great teacher!

    If one of your readers has a Zune player, they can subscribe to the podcasts by using the xml address: