Friday, August 01, 2008

Now Let's Get Inspired

Check out the beautiful work of Deanne Fitzmaurice. She is a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer based in San Francisco, CA. She has a very unusual way of seeing things. Some images that will that make you cry as in her Pulitzer Prize series and other images that will cause you to laugh as in her Singles series. I loved her lighting, quality of the image, and the strong emotion response so many of her images begged of the viewer.

For a change of pace, check out Sophia Pasquet photographer right here. I selected her image for today's post. Her work is incredibly beautiful as can be seen from her portfolios. She hails from France and is the ultimate Photo Walker with her tours going from 3 hours upward to 3 days. I think you will enjoy viewing her work. It's a leisurely way to move into the weekend.

I'm saving the best site, at least in my opinion, for last. Please check out I actually stumbled on this site when I was checking back with our buddies over at After each broadcast, they post the participants favorite site for the week. Jim Goldstein had a wonderful link to PixChannel is currently featuring the work and live videos of some of the top photographers in the world - Eddie Adams, Jerry Ulsmann, Arnold Newman, just to name a few. The videos provide an absolutely wonderful insight in how these great photographers think and approach their art. These videos are not about the imagery, it's about their creativity and insights into this wonderful profession of ours. I find I can simply start one giving it a listen as I work on something else around the studio. It sure beats listening to most stuff on the radio - this site is a great find.

I'm wrapping the post today by inviting you head over to my buddy, Jim Talkington's site where he recently posted "Finding New Sources Of Inspiration." Here is the link right here. Jim's post too, gives insights into his creative processes, which he admits are not the same for everyone. I think it is fascinating to see the path creative people take as they move through that process. For each of us the process is different, but the results should be the same - producing final results that inspires us as well as our viewers.

On that note, everyone please have a happy, safe, creative, inspirational weekend. I'll see you on Monday, all the pixels willin' ;~) -David

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