Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Technique Tuesday: Picking The Right Color

Good Morning Everybody,
Well, it looks to me like a lot of you like the Podcast idea. I too think it will be kind of fun. So guess what, tune in tomorrow for our first, thought provoking podcast.- It will provide a bit of food for thought for anyone working in this business either full time or part time.

A quick note on the NAPP Worldwide PhotoWalk - My session is filled up already. I couldn't believe it. I'll check with the good folks over at NAPP and keep you posted as to waiting list, etc. - stay tuned and get those walking shoes ready for a good hike!

I know, I know many of you have been asking how I light the impromptu capture the moment images at receptions - I promise, next week I'll cover it right her on next week's Technique Tuesday. Heck, I should have some good stuff from this week's big job.

Anyway, what else is happening today? How about a really fun tutorial that shows an alternative to using the extract tool in Photoshop. This is about the slickest way I have found to pull the subject from the background for some of the special projects I get involved with. It's super fast and easy. Hit Play below for the whole story.


  1. Thanks so much for a great post!

    One question: How do you print your 4x8 posters? On paper? vinyl?

  2. Dealing with colored shadows.

    I do a lot of blue and green screen work with dogs, and have found a couple ways to deal with the color spill.

    Hue & Saturation to desaturate the blue or green just a little is my favorite. Depending on the subject, a rough selection might help to keep from messing with any blue or green you want to keep.

    I'll definitely have to play with your brush way of doing it too.

    One sample:


  3. Great video Dave, I use the color range a lot for sky color, select the sky, go to photo filters, uncheck preserve luminisosity and color the sky.
    Thanks again for all your help.