Friday, August 08, 2008

Inspiration Friday - More Great Wedding Photography - 8 More Sites

Good Morning Everybody,
It sure has been busy around the studio and on the home front. We've got seven events going this weekend and things are really hoppin'. We kicked things off yesterday with a pre-Bat Mitzvah shot at my favorite location, Plum Street Temple. The team and myself then continued on to a very special event later in the evening - even the governor of Ohio was in attendance. All that said, I am going to try to be brief today because I have clients coming by shortly to review wedding images. Whew!

You know, I always get inspired when I see some really outstanding wedding photography. I've been cruising the net lately and have found eight wedding website gems. Hit the "Read More..." link below to take a peek. It's worth a visit to each one. Enjoy!

Here we go in no particular order...

1. The first site is by photographer Josef Fisayo - here is the link. It's beautiful, clean, and spontaneous. Check out the Photojournalism link too - some great images.
2. Jeff Newcum at jnWeddings - here is the link. You might not like all the images - and then maybe you will. I found some real gems among his collection.
3. Sarah Jane Photography - here is the link. Some great candids, color, and composition.
4. James Garner - here is the link. I love his opening image - it's the one featured with this post. Beautiful and inspirational images throughout his site.
5. Ben Chrisman - here is the link. Again, just some stunning images, just let the opening slide show do it's thing and sit back and enjoy.
6. Alex Macaulay - here is the link. Alex really knows what he's doing with color and composition. Dynamic! Check out his blog too, more cool stuff.
7. Mark Stagi - here is the link. The site rocks on with his award winning images.
8. JR Geoffreon - here is the link. He has a great eye and sense of style. Check out his very clever "truArt" concept - a very exciting "value-add" - See yesterday's post.

Hey everybody, these are some of my recent fav finds. Why not point me towards some of your sites too. We could get a nice inspirational list going which I'll park on the blog for easy reference. Just leave your suggestions in the comment section below. Thanks, David


  1. One of my favorites is

    God Bless your day.

  2. I'm blown away! I think I'll quit and just pump gas for a living.


  3. is chock full of great wedding images. Worth a look.


  4. Great stuff... I love how fun this business can be! Dottie


  6. I believe it's Josef Isayo rather than Jose Fisayo.

  7. The one who got me interested in photography.

    Bumatay Studio