Monday, August 11, 2008

Three For The Road - Monday

Hey gang, my morning turned into an afternoon and I'm still trying to make it a short day after this 4 day stretch of shooting. So, let me leave you with a couple of cool things to check out, then I'm on my way to look into some new tera-byte hard drives to back up all the RAW files I shot over the last 96 hours ;~) I just saw this over at Chris' site, I checked it out and they are way cool. They're are called "Totally Rad Rockin' Actions" - here is the link. I love the interface of their site - pick a picture, then the action, and presto - there's the result - all petty cool - definitely worth the peek.

Also, hot from the "rumor mill" - Canon 5D Mk II just a few months away! OK, OK - it was a teaser but here is the rest of the story. Check out the post over at our buddies - 1001 Noisy Cameras - they are "rumor city central" with all the rumor and real info about the upcoming Photokina show right around the corner. Yep, there are plenty of rumors, and the new Canon 5D Mark II (or Canon 7D) are in the middle of the fray. Let me add my two cents worth too. Hit the link to my post "New Canon 7D" and scroll down to Roy Allen Stag's comment. Roy just posted last week and he hints that Canon may have let the "cat out of the bag." But, then again, who am I to spread rumors. Wait, wait - there's still more. With all the cards these last 4 days, I decided to try Delkin Devices new Image Router. Man, is this thing a time saver. Just follow the instructions for installing it - takes about 2 minutes - pop in your four flash cards and start downloading. When all the lights stop blinking, just eject the card, pop in another card, and start the next down load til you get to the bottom of your card pile. Very convenient, fast, and efficient - highly recommended!

Hey everybody, that's it for me today. I'm planning on just hangin' for the rest of today, taking it easy, and and enjoying our beautiful 70 degree day here in Cincy. I'll see everybody back here tomorrow for a very cool lighting tutorial. Adios, David

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