Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Podcast Wednesday: A Conversation With ProPhotoWalker - Jeff Revell

Good Morning Everybody,
So have you ever gone on a PhotoWalk? What the heck is it anyway? Many of us grab our cameras whether it be on vacation, or just walking around the park on a nice weekend. Yes, that would be considered a PhotoWalk of sorts - lonely, solitary, devoid of any social interaction. OK, I'm joking here just a bit, but it's to make a point because it's just the opposite of what a real PhotoWalk is all about.

A Photowalk is about walking the park with a group of people all seeing the same things differently and sharing those different views at the end of the walk. We have Scott Kelby's Worldwide Photowalk happening this weekend. I'm leading the Cincinnati, Ohio edition - so I thought I would give a call to the person whole inspired Scott to put the whole thing together.

That would be Master PhotoWalker, Jeff Revell himself. Jeff has been organizing PhotoWalks for quite a while now, and I think it is such a cool idea too, that I asked Jeff to share his ideas, insights, and experiences with the DigitalProTalk community. Here is the list of things we discussed in our short conversation. I know you will enjoy Jeff's easy and enthusiastic style as you listen to our conversation. Hey, after listening, you've got all the info you need to put your own PhotoWalk together. It's a nice listen - hit the PLAY button on the G-Cast player on the right and enjoy! Again, my thanks to Jeff for taking the time to share his thoughts and insights with our readers and listeners - Thanks again, Jeff.

Topics discussed:
1. How did you get started with Photowalking?
2. Favorite places?
3. How many miles for a scheduled 2 hr photowalk?
4. How many pics generally taken?
5. How do you review them?
6. What's been your best experience?
7. Places in the world you would like to Photowalk?

Links Referred to in our conversation:
Jeff's own Blog - PhotoWalkPro [link] Be sure to check out Jeff's site, he's got some great tutorials
Scott Kelby's Worldwide PhotoWalk [link] [link]

Additional Photowalk Info Links:
MikeLao Photography
Jeff's Guide To Photowalking [link]
Jeff's PhotoWalkPro DC photowalk Flicker group [link]

Download this Podcast right here.

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  1. Love your blog a long time reader.
    I can't find the link to your podcast. Your instructions are to hit the PLAY button on the G-Cast player on the right and enjoy! Can't find it on the right or left ? I really appreciate how you share your valuable knowledge, thanks.