Thursday, August 07, 2008

An Now Even More Scary Stuff!

I just read this post entitled, "Why Your Images are Worthless" over at by Martin Joergensen - here is the link. It's a great expose' on the reason's why we are going through such a devaluation of photography in today's market. It is a well thought out piece. Fortunately, he doesn't stop there - Martin also gives some terrific ideas on how to stem the tide of low priced photography - well worth the read.

Next, check out the article, "How and When To Raise Your Prices" over at - here is the link. What I liked about my visit to are all the other links from his related posts that really speak to so many topics I discuss here at DigitalProTalk. Check out the four links below for some fascinating and informative reading.

Ways to SuperSize Your Photo Sales
Think You Can Quit Your Job and Be a Work-at-Home Photographer?
Mothers (And Others) With Cameras
Starting a Career as a Wedding Photographer

Take time to review today's posts and my podcast "They Walk A Different Walk, And Talk A Different Talk." I hope you agree that it's all good - "food for thought" in these changing digital times.

Hey gang, I don't want to leave you thinking this is a "downer" post. Rather, I would like you to take home the message that we can never rest on our laurels, do the same things over and over and be complacent in these endless changing times. We must constantly remain vigilant to market tilts and shifts and respond swiftly if we want to ensure our success in this wonderful profession.

Well, everybody, that's it for me today. We are gearing up for our big weekend and I've got some cards to wipe and batteries to recharge. See ya' tomorrow for Inspiration Friday. Adios, David


  1. Hey, where were you able to license that cool vampire image for your blog? I love images like that.


  2. It a screensaver that was a free download - dz

  3. And Jill is giving away licenses for web stills re-use with her screensavers? I always thought she was nice.


    (Jill Thompson is the creator of "Scary Godmother." She used to share an office in the building I worked in. That's her art. And yes, I am trying to make a point.)

  4. Hi MarcPhoto,
    Thanks for the heads up. I couldn't reach Jill so I pulled the image. -DZ