Monday, August 04, 2008

Two For The Road

I didn't want theses two links to go to waste so here they are. Ever want to turn your own handwriting into a font for use from your own computer. Well, now you can over at for only $9.00. This could be an unusual way to personalize promotion materials / brochures and the like for your business. The site looked pretty simple to use. There's only one problem for me - I can't even read my own handwriting, so it probably wouldn't work for me ;~)

And lastly, if you missed it, check out these great actions - some really cool ones at no charge over at This site caught my attention from Scott Kelby's site last week and it is definitely quite a find. The OoB action is free and creates about the best out-of-bounds effect I've seen. Here is the video tutorial right here. There is more where that came from so check them out. The "For purchase" actions are really impressive too. Check out this [link ] to see what I mean.

Hey everybody, that's it for me today. We have a huge week coming up including several events with a four day event starting on Thursday and going through Sunday. Not to mention all the day-to-day / regular stuff that goes on around here, so we are going to be hoppin'. Check in tomorrow for Technique Tuesday. My plan is to keep it short and sweet. Ha, ha, they never are, are they? So it goes for best laid plans - but I'm going to try. Anyway, see everyone tomorrow, -David

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