Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Technique Tuesday: The Art Of Seeing The Image Within The Image

Good Morning Everyone,
Have you taken the opportunity to check out the images from any of the PhotoWalks conducted from around the world this past weekend? The imagery is astounding. Our Cincinnati group has almost 400 images posted right here - I'm loving the HDR images just posted today by darkbond13, aka Jason Hatfield. You should check out Jason's website - Shoot2Capture [link ] Jason has some very dynamic images.

Anyway, on with Technique Tuesday. I've always been a big fan of design in my images - weddings or otherwise. Just grabbing a camera and shooting something other than brides is a good exercise for me to explore those abstract designs all around us.

The final abstract design images are most often not that way to begin with. Most are simple, everyday objects, that with the proper crop and further artistic treatment transform into the final work of art. That's what happened with so many of my images from this past Saturday's Photowalk.

Hit the PLAY button below. I'll walk you through the entire process. This tutorial may help explain what I originally saw, how I approached it, how I shot it, and finally how I processed it to get to my finished results. The final image is not what it seems to be - what ever that was. When I saw the original scene, it was a nice series of harmonious lines that I thought would make a nice abstract B&W image. That was not to be. With a little bit of fiddling in Lightroom and with the final tweaks in Photoshop, I produced one of my favorite images of the day's shoot. Enjoy, David.


  1. Thanks for the recognition, I'm glad you like my work. I really appreciate the effort you put into organizing the photowalk.

  2. I wondered how you did that. Love that image. Good work.