Friday, August 29, 2008

A Meeting Of The Cincy Blogging Minds

Earlier this week, I mentioned I was getting together with fellow Cincy blogger, Jim Talkington of fame. We did just that this past Wednesday. Jim has only been blogging for 6 month's but his site is really starting to get traction.

One of the reasons might be because it is so chocked full of great info and over 30 video tutorials covering all aspects of outdoor lighting, studio light, product photography, and so much more!

We spent the whole afternoon together in geek-speak Nirvana. All LaDawn could do was check in with us occasionally and roll her eyes. Anyway, we were talking about joining up on some future projects nothing specific yet, but I'll keep you posted.

And speaking of Cincy bloggers, you've got to check out RRD PhotoBlog by Ryan Dlugosz. Ryan was also on the Cincy Photowalk with us last week. It was great to meet him in person since I've been following his blog for many months.

Well, here's what's so cool. When we wrapped the photowalk, Ryan shows me his little GPS he had been carrying with him throughout the walk. It seem the unit can output a time/location file to your local computer. Ryan's intent was to some how geo-tag his images from the photowalk with that file info. Last Saturday he wasn't quite sure how he was going to do it, but since then he has figured it out, found a "donation only" piece of software (GeoSetter) that syncs the GPS data to you image files metadata, and gives you the whole story and the solution right here.

It is fascinating to look at the route we walked, click on the geo-tag pins, which takes you to Flickr for the geo-tagged images. Just click on any of the little pink dots to see exactly where the image was captured based on the GPS data. It's almost enough to give you "goose bumps" - at least for some of us at least. "I'm rolling my eyes again!" -LaDawn High Fives to Ryan for the effort to figure it out and a great post!


  1. Hi David,

    You and Jim joining forces.... oh mann... the result would be nothing less that spectacular.. what ever you would do.


  2. David & LaDawn - thanks for hosting the Photowalk here in Cincy and I'm glad you enjoyed the GPS post!

    I was a little unsure of how the geotagging would turn out or how difficult it would be - turns out it's dead simple once you discover the right tools for the job.

    Looking forward to more from you and Jim. Stay in touch. -Ryan

  3. *GASP* Ziser is wearing a casual shirt without a collar!