Friday, August 22, 2008

An Evening With David Jay

LaDawn and I attended David Jay's very inspiring "Free To Succeed" presentation in Indianapolis last night. It was a joy to listen to his insights into running your business instead of your business running you. He gave some great tips on workflow speedup. For example, DJ only spends 2 hours prepping each wedding for client presentation.

He also showed, what I would call "magic bullet" software solutions. By "magic bullet" software, I mean software that is so unique and easy to use and give a vastly superior result compared to the alternative solutions available. I'm talking specifically about his Showit Web software. I remember the "days of yesteryear" when we used dissolve units, slide projectors, and special tape recorders. Now you can do the same thing, only better, faster easier and much more efficiently with the Showit Software. You can check it out over at here is the link.

The evening wasn't just a software love-fest. David gave thought provoking insights about prioritizing things in our businesses and in our lives. I loved his presentation and his message -it gets my 5-star (highest) recommendation.
He's about half way through the tour so check it out when if comes to a city near you [link]. Yes, he is touring in that humongous tour bus that's behind us in the shot. That coach was so big - how big is it? It's so big it even has a 9-hole par 3 golf course in the back ;~)

DJ has agreed to be a guest on one of my upcoming podcasts too so stay tuned - it will be worth the listen.

LaDawn and I are staying up here in Indy for Sandy Puc's program tonight. Sam is the consummate marketer and runs a million dollar studio in Denver, CO. I know I'll leave the program with more than my money's worth. She has 9 cities left in her tour. Check out the link "Bellies and Babies" and see if you can catch it if it gets close to you.


  1. Always a treat and an honor seeing you and LaDawn! Thank you so much for making it out and I can't wait to see you both again soon!

  2. David,
    Last night I commented to you that I was surprised the program book was thin. But as I began to circle important points, I quickly realized that I would be circling EVERY line.

    Good to see you again,