Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Having A Garage Sale, Radio Poppers, and More Stuff You Might Have Missed

Hey everybody, be sure to read the comments from Monday's post, "Lightroom 2.0 Running On A Network, Well Almost - Really Good News and Almost Good News." Lot's of suggestions about Lightroom's Auto Tone feature and running a network. I'm going to let the comments continue and next week, I'll consolidate the best and most workable and put them up in a more structured post - stay tuned.

If I don't post these now, they may be lost forever so here goes. So do you have a bunch of old gear laying around and would like to dump it on EBay, but just don't know how to do it, well, Terry White over at his TechBlog has the answer for you. Read Terry's review of GarageSale, an easy to use and inexpensive EBay tool to help you clean out your junk closet and make room for all that new gear you are dyin' to buy. Here is the link to Terry's article right here. I'll tell you, it's looks very cool - only for MACs though :~( Who's got a good suggestion for the PC side of things?

Two weeks ago, I posted an Photoshop tutorial entitled, "Picking The Right Color." It demonstrated an alternative way of removing the background from an image. The next day, Lance Burns, a Photoshop guru from Alberta, Canada, and past attendee from our Summer Master Class, posted a refinement on my technique that is definitely worth watching. It's only about 6 minutes long and worth the watch. Here is the link to Lance's tutorial right here.

And lastly, for all you Radio Popper owners, one of my DigitalProTalk readers pointed me to this post, "Lick-n-Stick Attachment of RP Receiver P1 to Sb800 or Sb600" on how to modify your Radio Poppers to work on the Nikon strobes - pretty cool and doesn't void the warranty.

Hey gang, that's it for me today. I'll see you tomorrow for Business Day Thursday - "Sharpening The Saw: Tools To Make Your Business Run Better" See you then, David


  1. Would you please verify the link for the Lick-n-Stick. It appears to be broken.

  2. Sorry Matt, It's good to go. -David