Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"Simple Symmetry"
© David A. Ziser

Another image from Saturday's Photowalk - and another of my favorites. We had just crossed the bridge back into Cincinnati as we headed back to our starting point at Fountain Square . We were passing the Bengals football stadium, the sun was quite high in the sky, casting strong shadows from the handrails onto the steps. Study this image closely, then hit the "Read more..." to see the original. Now study the image again. What do you think? Camera specs; Canon 40D fitted with 70-300mm DO IS lens at 120mm, F 11 @ 1/640 second, ISO 400 Enjoy! -David

p.s. Remember to hit the "Read more..." link below to see the "before" image.

This is what I first saw as we crossed the bridge into Cincy. Alone, it's not bad, but I love the finished result. -David

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  1. Nice work, Mr. Zizer. I can see the engineer in you coming to the surface with your abstracts. The photo rule, for there to be reality, there must be abstract, is evident in this image. Good eye.