Thursday, August 14, 2008

Managing The Business To Manage Your Profits

Their is a great article entitled, "Are You a Great Store Manager? Test Yourself on These 10 Personal Skills" over at WPPIOnline which discusses how you should run your business. It's definitely worth the read for anyone wanting to run their studio successfully. Here is the link right here.

You know, another secret to business success in the ability to network. By that I don't mean a "fake" schmooze with someone you think can do you some good. I'm talking about building authentic relationships with people within you circle of influence where you mutually drive each others businesses to greater levels of success. One of my favorite sites is Check out their "25 Absolute Essentials For Networking Success" right here. It's a perfect road map for all of us wanting to enhance our success in our chosen profession - nice read.

Hey everybody, guess what - it's my birthday today, and I'm leaving early to enjoy the cool air, sunlight, blue skies, and white puffy clouds for the rest of the day. Look for me back here tomorrow for Inspiration Friday - AHHHH, I will be so relaxed. See you tomorrow everybody, -David


  1. Hey David,

    Happy belated birthday wishes.

    I hope you enjoyed the sun and fresh air.... the 15th is/was my birthday and I did exactly the same thing and took the camera along for the ride.... it was great just to get out and about.

    Again, many birthday wishes.


    Perth, Western Australia

  2. I had a really busy (some good, some not-so-good) month and am thus just trying to catch-up on blogs.

    Thanks for this link and happy belated (and shared) birthday.