Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Keep Your Thinking Cap On Tuesday

OK gang, since you still have your thinking caps on from the last tutorial, just stay where you are and hit the top three links over at Julieanne Kost's site where she covers many of the new Lightroom 2.0 features. I'll tell you, her name rolls with the intro credits of Lightroom 2.0 if that gives you any clue about how well she knows the program. I spent an hour over the weekend watching the following three lessons (all links) and it was time well spent. Julieanne is incredibly knowledgeable at this stuff.
LR 2.0 What's New - Part 1 The Library Module
LR 2.0 What's New - Part 2 The Develop Module
LR 2.0 What's New - Part 3 Exporting Images, Photoshop Integration and the Output Modules

And speaking of spending a little time in "Tutorial Nirvana" CameraPorn.com, a few week ago, posted 70 Beauty Retouching Photoshop tutorials right here. Hey, just perfect for the Portrait/Wedding shooters out there. It's a great link with lots of good information.

And while you are clicking away, don't miss this great article I just saw over at DoubleExposure.com right here. It's a great piece on flash technique covering flash accessory units, capturing motion, and studio flash. This was actually part of a contest they were running. Anyway, good info here - don't forget to check out the runners-up images right here too. Many are very interesting - I love the wedding image - worth the peek.

Hey gang, that's it for me today. I'll see you bright and early tomorrow for our first Podcast and some more awesome reads too. Have a good one, -David

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