Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Podcast Wednesday: Running A Million Dollar Studio

Good Morning Everybody,
WOW! You have got to listen to the podcast this week. I interviewed my great friends Kent and Sarah Smith who run one of the most successful studios in the country. What was scheduled for about a 30 minute segment evolved into almost a full hour of some of the most insightful conversation about how to grow your business to a million dollar operation.

A studio's success, or any business's success, is based on a quest for excellence, a diversified product line that stands out from the competition, and an exceptional customer experience. Listen as Kent and Sarah Smith reveal their secrets to running their "million dollar" studio.

I based the podcast on these 10 questions - Kent and Sarah's answers to these questions reveal so many "solid gold nuggets" of advice, you will have to listen more than once.

1. Has the business changed over the years?
2. What made the most difference in your business growth?
3. Gear - what works best. Lighting and exposure.
4. A quick touch on sales-flow and work-flow.
5. Have your promotions changed? Senior promos/Family Promos.
6. There are a million senior photographers out there these days, heck kids are even photographing themselves. How do you continue to grow with these attitudes?
7. What does your customer like to buy? What are your most successful senior/portrait products?
8. Is it easier or harder to do business today compared to 10/5/1 years ago?
9. Biggest mistake to avoid today.
10. Best advice to give aspiring pros.

Here are the links to Websites, Equipment, and Software mentioned in our conversation.
Websites: Kent Smith Photography, Walden's Photography, Gary Box Photography, PPA
Equipment: Cameras; Canon Mark II and Mark II 1Ds Lighting; Hensel; Photogenic, Larson Enterprises
Software: ProSelect, LumaPix

Enjoy the listen - you are going to love it!!!

Download this Podcast directly right here.


  1. um, where's the link to the podcast?

  2. Hit the "Posts" button next to the "Play" button to see all podcasts. -David