Friday, August 29, 2008

One More For The Road On Inspiration Friday

OK, I'm doing my (almost) daily work out at the health club a few weeks ago and all the TVs are tuned into Martha Stewart's show - not very "manly" workout TV fare - but I only watch for the high butter/high fat recipes anyway ;~)

OK, just kidding about the recipes, what caught my attention was Martha's daily guest for this show - none other than world famous photographer, Anne Geddes - one of my favorites. You'll remember Anne as the photographer who had all the babies dressed up as "flower" children.
Anyway, Anne has a new book that was just released entitled, "A Labor of Love: An Autobiography." What was so fascinating about the interview was the fact that Anne was showing current photographs of some of her former very young photographic subjects. It was a great interview and worth the watch if you are an Anne Geddes fan. Here is the link to Martha's site for the show. Hey, you might want to check out the recipes while you're there.

Hey gang, that's it for me today. We hit the road on Labor Day for Las Vegas and Photoshop World. If you spot me, please come up and say HI. Also, LaDawn and I will have a spot in the Tech Expo, so come by our booth and visit us there if you get a chance. See everybody next week in Las Vegas. Just remember, don't gamble away any pixels you'll need for a rainy day ;~)
See ya' -David

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