Monday, August 25, 2008

Welcome To Super Long Post Monday - After The PhotoWalk

Good Morning Everybody,
We had a great time at the Scott Kelby Worldwide PhotoWalk; Cincy edition this past Saturday. I thought our walk was a bit ambitious - about 2 3/4 miles, another 3/4 mile to the restaurant, and another 1 1/2 miles back to our start point a total of 5 miles in all. But the beautiful weather, very comfortable temperature, wide, wonderful variety of photo opportunitiests, and the pace of the walk was just perfect. One of the shots from our group has to be the Grand Prize winner. The Cincy group captured some amazing, breath taking images. I'll tell you one thing though, I sure don't want be the one picking the day's winner the next time- man, I started with 46 new friends and ended the day with only one, just kidding ;~) Everybody had some really great pre-production images, but only one could win and that was Hubert Kirchgaessner who had the following really cool image you see below. I really liked the message Hubert put together in his composition. Congrats Hubert - one copy of Scott's Lightroom 2.0 book coming your way.

Now if you weren't able to participate in any of the 236 cities around the world, or if just interested in being truly inspired, here is how to take a peek at all the images submitted from any of the participating cities where a PhotoWalk took place.
1. Head over to Flickr [link ]
2. Fill in the search box with "Kelby photo walk". Right now about 218 groups are available to preview.
3. After the results pop up, hit the Group button at the top of the page. There you are, all the groups posted so far.
4. Select any group, and after it pops, hit the ">>more..." link to the bottom right of the last image.
5. Now you are in that city's pool. I found the best way to view them is by hitting the "Slideshow" button at the top right side of the page.

Now just sit back and enjoy! I've been having a kick seeing the images from the other parts of the world. To realize the amount of people involved from these 236 cities and then speculate on all the images taken by all of us, it has to be an astounding collection of work! Way cool - HIGH FIVES to the man, the legend.....Scott Kelby for pulling it off!

Here is a little Animoto show from our Cincy PhotoWalk - we all had a great time.

Even while most of my time was spent visiting with many in our group, I still managed to capture a few shots during the walk. Here are just a few from my shoot. Hope you like them.


  1. Participating in this was such a great experience. Just seeing how different people handled shooting and post-processing the same subjects has really helped me already.

    Thanks to you and LaDawn for leading this, and I hope more of these happen in the SW Ohio area.

    And I made the Animoto show! Woohoo!

  2. My husband and I had a blast, despite the heat and the five mile walk!

    A big thank you to LaDawn and you for organizing and leading the Cinci photowalk. I have my fingers crossed for more in the future.

    Great video. Glad to see we made it.