Monday, August 04, 2008

I've been Flashin' Over The Weekend

Every now and then a nice little piece of software comes down the road that I take a liking to - well, mostly because it's free. That's what happened when I found Flash Slideshow Maker is a Flash album creator to make animated photo slide show with a SWF file as the output format. It transforms your digital photo collection to a Macromedia Flash file format (SWF) which you can share your memorial moments with your family or friends on your own homepage, post on your Blog or upload to your own website.

It's pretty cool, easy to use, and free. Although you can upgrade to their full version, the basic version works just fine for starters. I've used it to create short shows for wedding clients, post them to my web site - or for any number of business building uses. It's easy to use, yes, you can add royalty free music, and you get a nice result - check Flash Slide Show Maker sample shows out right here.

Wait, there's more - also check out This was a suggestion from one of our contest contributors last Thursday. I have to tell you, this looks like one really cool piece of software. I've spent a little time on their site over the weekend checking tutorials and the demos. It all hasn't sunk in yet, but I think Flypaper has some great possibilities for websites, internal training, and cross pollinating with your vendor buddies. I've downloaded it and will continue to give it a try real soon - so stay tuned. Check Flypaper out right here.

The last of the flash sites is Flipping Book - check it out right here. First off, it creates a great visual effect, like for showing wedding albums on-line. Just check out some of their demos right here. OK, but now on the Geek scale, this looks like about a "10" on the difficulty level for the average person. Anyway, I added it because I thought it looked cool - what can I say.

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  1. Looks similar to SlideShow Pro that offers a plugin for creating flash slideshows from within Lightroom.