Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"City Abstract"

"City Abstract"
© David A. Ziser

I'm always looking for lines, shapes, and form when looking through the viewfinder whether it be on the wedding day or just walking down a city street. I think this is an interesting image because of the contrasts among the lines, shapes, and forms. Obviously, it a nice clear day in the city - it's easy to spot the blue sky. The clearly defined glass and steel indicate a skyscraper. But it is the juxtaposition of these clearly defined elements with nearly two thirds of the composition barely revealing itself through the maze of rippling shapes and contrasting colors that make this composition work and enjoyable to view. Camera specs; Canon30D fitted with 70-300mm IS lens at 150mm, F 9.0 @ 1/640 second, ISO 800. Enjoy! -David


  1. David, why did you chose that ISO & shutter speed? I would have thought that ISO200 and 1/160s with the IS would have been a better choice noise-wise.

    Thanks - David