Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Technique Tuesday: Love Lines – Another “Live” Wedding Shoot!

Good Late Afternoon Again Everybody,

We continue to be too darn busy around here.  Hey, I just want to give everyone a heads up about tomorrow's Webinar at 2 PM. I've been working on it most of the day and, man, is it shaping up to be a good one. I know I'm only scheduled for 90 minutes they think there's about three hours of information.

Webinar 1995-220pxI pulled some great images and lots of detail shots to help make this a great learning experience for everyone tomorrow.  Here is the direct link to register right here . Be sure to use the code; WEBLLC09 to receive the special discount pricing of $19.95.  After registering you will receive your confirmation email tomorrow by noon with the login information for the webinar.  It’s all pretty easy to do.

My assistant, Damien will be standing by to monitor your questions forwarding them to me during the program. We will try to provide as as many answers to your questions as possible. I suspect this will be one of my "million mile a minute" presentations. I hope to see everyone there tomorrow.

Remember, if you can't make it at 2 PM program,  still register for the Webinar and I'll point you to a link where you can hear it at a later time. We are doing our best here to be sure that everybody who wants to hear the information can do so at their convenience.

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Love Lines – Another “LIVE” Wedding Shoot!

Hey gang, be sure to check out today's Technique Tuesday episode entitled, “Love Lines.” Once again I'll take you with me on a “live” wedding shoot presentation. You will witness how I produce my signature images “under fire.” The video runs about nine minutes and I posted nine images from that short session.

Another highlight of the tutorial shows how quickly we work at a wedding getting that “Exciting Lighting” on my clients. In this short tutorial, you will watch me shoot through my new Zumbrella, bounce light off of the back wall, and use the flash pointing directly at my bride. Each method was used in order to obtain the desired proper lighting characteristics on my subject.

This tutorial also touches a bit on composition as well. Watch how I use the framing elements and the leading lines to lead the viewer's eye directly to my subject. Anyway, it's time to sit down, relax, and enjoy the show. Hit the play button below for the rest of the story.

Zumbrella Special Extended

Since this tutorial covers off-camera flash and umbrella lighting, we have extend the special pricing on my Zumbrella, and Zumbrella bundles till midnight Sunday.  Here are the links to the Zumbrella alone, Zumbrella with lighting DVD, and the entire Zumbrella/DVD/Bracket kit.

Hey gang, it's getting late and I've got to go. I'm wrapping my presentation for tomorrow's webinar and I'm pretty darned excited with how it's coming together.

I'll plan to see anybody tomorrow for Portrait Day Wednesday. We have two more posts in the series and I think they are probably the most important posts of all. Why, because they're about sales. And, nobody can run a successful studio if you don't know how to close the sale. So, on that note gang I'm out of here. See everybody tomorrow, -- David


  1. SWEET! These vids rock! I'm still counting on you to get us an invite to an upcoming wedding some day :) but these videos are the next best thing. Thanks! Brian F.

  2. David, what a pity that Zumbrella cannot be shipped to Europe ... are you perhaps considering a Europian dealer? I would love to buy Zumbrella with the DVD deal ...

  3. David,
    Thanks for this tutorial. Hearing how to do something is good teaching… lighting diagrams with end photos is better teaching… but this is great teaching.
    Thanks Much,
    Mark Bohland, M,Photog.. M.Ed.

  4. Great Tut David...

    I just finished your 15 ways to make your on camera flash better series over at Kelby training and it was great...made me want to go shoot right then.

  5. Hi David!
    Great fun watching your videos. Your blog is feeding my brain with a lot of very useful information. Thank you!
    How come you can not ship your merchandise (like the zumbrella) to europe?
    I live in Sweden and would love to be able to buy your DVD:s and stuff.

    Keep up the great work.


  6. Thanks for sharing; generally there is lots of stuff out there that are just too basic to learn anything from; and if I ever come across something that is in depth + informative then it tends to be “paid access”.

    You DO have in depth of knowledge but you are STILL willing to share and benefit others with it for free. It is very rare to see this; thanks for your generosity and willingness to teach others.

  7. David:
    A highly personal question, if I may..

    I notice both here and on Kelby Training, that you really give a lot of instruction to the bride and groom during a shoot...

    Do they ever get a little annoyed by that?

    I'm always afraid to give too much instruction during a shoot..maybe it's just me.

    You seem to get away with it so eloquently...

    I would really like to know if that works for you....maybe I'm just a little too bashful about it.

    You are really strict about the poses, and I just wondered how that works for you .

    Thanks for the fabulous vids and instruction you share with us.