Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Wednesday Post That Never Was

Good Morning Everybody,
Yesterday we worked from 9 A.M. till 10 P.M. in the evening with only a sort break for lunch and dinner. The class was whipped I was whipped get back home about 11:30 P.M. Batteries needed to be recharged, bags repacked, and cards downloaded before today's class.

I always like to print up and show the class a few images from yesterday's shoot so I've been working on them this morning - the image post for today is from yesterday's shoot. So, yes, today was another early wake up call. Add to that a computer crash today to slow things down even more.

Wait, there's more. We were supposed to be on an outdoor shoot all morning, but we are socked in with rain. I've also been on the phone setting up my Plan B for the day - more time trickling through my fingers. Now, I am now at the point where I've got to get heading out the door to catch up with my class in a few minutes so I'm bailing on my normal post today. I'll have to catch everybody again tomorrow. Sorry about that.

So gang, I'm out of here, -David

P.S. Did I say that the goldfish died and the dog pied on the carpet too - what a day;~) Have a good one. I'm heading out the door right now singing, "The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow..." -David


  1. Goodness; what a bad day! Sorry to hear that. Have you considered postponing your award-winning posts during weeks of your Master Class sessions, and other over-demanding days, too, for that matter. Nonetheless, we love you for all you do. Brian F.

  2. penso positivo david! ;-)
    a mastermind of positive thinking like yourself shouldn't bother 'bout such an exception, right?? ;-))
    cheers - sven

  3. Dave,

    Sorry to hear about your day, but I got one more for you! The lyrics to the song are, "The sun will come OUT (not UP) tomorrow, tomorrow!! LOL!!!!!