Friday, July 17, 2009

Quick Update Friday

Good afternoon everybody,

Well, it seems that there's no rest for the wicked. We arrived home late last night, or was it in the very early morning hours, we woke-up early this morning and were back at it again. I've got an early start for the wedding shoot today -- 2 PM. I hope that the weather continues to cooperate and I have an opportunity to capture some great outdoor photographs. What that means in photo lingo is that the clouds continue to hang in for an overcast, cloudy day. So far the temperature is on my side for a reasonably cool day, (at least for July in Cincy). I can't wait to get some great shots of my beautiful bride . This week we're at  the Phoenix which is my second favorite location to shoot in Cincinnati. I should have some good images to show our DigitalProTalk readers next week.

PhotoWalkin’ Through Cincy

Can you believe it – has the year flown by. I’m leading another Scott Kelby worldwide photo walk tomorrow. Why in the world did I schedule us to meet at nine o'clock in the morning – not much sleep again it  looks like;~)   Photowalk09I checked the weather and we are looking forward to a very comfortable, overcast day which should make a great day for photo walk. I can't wait to see the photographs that my group captures and the hundreds of images from around the world. It was such a kick last year. So for all the rest of the 25,000 Photoshop walkers out there…….. have a great time too.

Trying Out The New Canon 50DCanon 50D -2  

I almost forgot to mention - I ordered my new Canon 50D on Monday and it arrived while we were in Chicago. After getting in late last night ,I couldn't resist opening the box and checking it out.

I'm really looking forward to checking out the low light capabilities of the camera. I don't expect it to be as low noise as the Canon 5D Mark II but from reports I've read around the web and from photographers I talked with, it seems that we should  be able to get another stop or two from this camera in the low light department.  I’ll give you an update of my impressions of the camera on Monday.

And Finally…

Don't forget to check out my new Digital Resource Center which I mentioned in Tuesday's post [link]. We've got a couple great deals running, especially on my new Zumbrella, so check it out. Here is the link for the Zumbrella/DVD bundle right here.

Webinar 1995-220pxAlso, we still have some seats on next Wednesday Webinar – Creating The Dramatic Bridal Portrait. It's going to be jam packed with information on lighting and composition and how to create that dramatic bridal portrait on location in a church.

Don't worry, I'll show you how to create a great shots in fancy, dancy locations and also locations that might be a bit more challenging. Anyway, hope to see you there. Here is the link for the direct registration.  Hit the “MORE Information” button for all the info. Be sure to enter DISCOUNT CODE WEBLLC09 to get the $19.95 pricing.

Folks, that's it for me today. I'm meeting my team in just under one hour from now.  Everybody have a great weekend and I'll see you on Monday. -- David


  1. If we are unable to attend the webinar can we purchase a copy of the presentation?

  2. Heads up on the 50D. Don't go by Lightroom for the 50D low light performance. You may need to head through DPP...

  3. @ anonymous # 1: See Wednesday's Post where your question is answered. Brian F.

  4. David, regarding the WW said meeting at 9 AM in your that a misprint? The Cincy site says 10 AM - 12.