Thursday, July 23, 2009

Business day Thursday - Do They Know Who You Are

Good Afternoon Everybody,
I'm coming to you live from Oldsmar, Florida today where in just a few minutes I will be heading over to NAPP World Headquarters. I'm meeting with Scott and Cindy to wrap the final details about my wedding book, Captured By The Light. I hope I have good news for everyone about it's release date by next week.

If you caught yesterday's late post, you know that I was pretty "juiced" about my Webinar presented yesterday early afternoon. I spent two days putting it all together and was even tweaking it yesterday morning. I know a lot a people will be asking if I'm going to re-broadcast it. We are working on those details right now, so stay tuned.

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I've gotten a few emails asking if we can ship internationally. The answer is YES! We are still working through the learning process so if you have any suggestions, please let me know.

I've got a short and sweet Business day Thursday post for you today so let's get right to it.

Do They Know Who You Are
While in Chicago last week, I met Larry Englehart who owns and operates DejaViews Studio. Larry runs quite the studio in the area with a client list that would make anybody's mouth water. You can check out DejaViews web site right here.

Anyway, Larry was in my Wedding Shootout class on Thursday and we had a few minutes to visit. He asked me if my staff and I wear name tags at our events. I replied; "no, we don't and that I never really thought about it much or gave it any consideration". He proceeded to tell me that he and his staff wear name tags to each and every event they photograph. I thought maybe he was on to something, that maybe that might be a good idea and I knew I was going to give it further thought.

Anyway, here is the idea I wanted to share with you thanks to the conversation I engaged with Larry. They wear a name badge to every event. But, these are no ordinary name badges. Larry's name badges have 3x3 inch LCD screens in them.

OK, you probably know will this is going - yes, Larry places a few of the images from the day's shoot on the name badges - about a dozen. These dozen images rotate through the viewing cycle with his name and the DejaViews studio name coming up as well. He will also include a message like, "Ask me how to have DejaViews at your next event." Pretty cool, eh? I got thinking that this kind of name badge could be really fun at a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Larry loves it for weddings too. And he really loves it for corporate events.

Where do you pick up these clever name badges? I found a few options at Here is the link right here. The larger items are $89 while the smaller ones are only $29. I also checked in with Larry. He tells me he just googles digital photo frames and buys from the place with the best deal. Here are a few I found while cruising the net today. I found one over at B&H for $29.00 right here and another at Amazon Associates for $24.99 right here.

There are all kinds of ways to create customer "buzz". When he is shooting corporate events, he will rotate the client's name and their promos into the name tag slide show too. His clients love it. He feels that his digital name tags breaks the ice more quickly between he and his customer. And, they are intrigued with the concept. Larry may have hit on a pretty fun concept here. I just may give it a try myself at our next job.

Hey gang, that's it for me today. I'm slowing things down a bit for the rest of the day. My plans are to have a great dinner at one of our all-time favorite restaurants, City Fish, in Oldsmar. Then it's just chillin' a bit for me. I'll plan on seeing everyone tomorrow with another provocative post that should really get your "brain juices" flowing. See ya' then, -David


  1. How does one of those units go hanging from your shirt? (or am I missing the idea here)

  2. I had the same question as Rhys, I assume that a clasp of some sort is just glued to the back.

    I like the Amazon one you listed David because it used rechargable batteries.

  3. I'm not sure that these would be appropriate at a wedding, no? It feels like you're bringing in a huge bill board into the room.

    I agree with the principle of making your presence known, but I think this approach is a little tacky.

  4. I like the concept, similar to the monitor/tv on table or projector running a slide show of the days images. I wonder if at a formal event it might be viewed as tacky rather than intriguing from a customer standpoint? Does this fit in with dressing as a guest? I've been a guest at a couple weddings as a guest where I felt the studio/photographer was marketing a little too hard and was put off. At one the Bride asked him to stop. Awkward moment there.

    Don't want to be a nay-sayer either, maybe the compromise is that it's a reception only or maybe only once the dance has begun and it's party time. Then you see the lights, and neon bracelets, flip flops/barefoot, etc and the formality seems to drop a notch. It would probably blend in.