Monday, September 08, 2008

Quick Update On My Master Class

Can you believe it, we are only a week away for my last Master Class [link] of the year? We have had a few individuals need to change to the spring session so we still have a few seats open if you can make it. This session promises to be another international session, this time with attendees coming from Nigeria and Belgium! I have to say the international flavor our long distance guests bring to the class is quite a treat for everyone. My humble thanks to all our class attendees and especially our international guests.

What else is happening for this class - more shooting for the attendees, more Lightroom 2 tips and tricks, more door prizes. Next week we are giving away 2 admissions to WPPI for February 2009 (value $600), 1 admission to Photoshop World in March ($600), Expodisc by ExpoImaging ($100), NIK Software ($150), PPA Loan Collection Book ($75), and much more. Hey, if you can find it in your schedule for next week, give the studio a call then hit the road and I'll see you there.

Hey gang, that's it for me today. Real work calls - see ya' tomorrow for Technique Tuesday: "Little Angels Revised." Yep, you asked for it so it's heading your way - how I produced the "Little Angels" image of the day [link ]. See you then, -David

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