Thursday, September 11, 2008

Who Says It Won't Work - How About 110 Hits In Three Days From Potential Clients - Awesome!

That's the response DigitalProTalk reader (and Cincy PhotoWalk walker) Eric Cameron had to say after he tried a little promotional idea with the hoppin' MTV like site, Many of you know I'm a big fan of the and have been a regular user for about a year now.

Here is what Eric is doing.
Eric is asking each of his senior clients to write a short testimonial about their impressions and experiences during their photo session with his studio. He creates an Animoto show and posts it along with the client testimonial.

Here are two links to his recent posts [link 1] & [link 2]. Clients tell their friends and more potential clients see his work. Since he is making it part of his blog, the content is fresh and new. What better way to promote yourself to new clients? Just let your current clients do it for you!. Way to go Eric - great idea!

By the way, if you want to give a try, use this code - lmwrdzik - and save yourself $5 off the year's membership.

Hey gang, that's it for today. We are pretty busy here at the studio today so I've got to run. See ya' tomorrow. -David


  1. Animoto is a great little service. I guilty of not using it enough I must say. I even have a pro account.

    It's perfect for seniors.


  2. Hi, David,

    I tried to use the discount code for Animoto, on the paypal site, and it wouldn't work. Any ideas why?


  3. Thanks David for introducing me to I have been playing with it a little recently and love it. Here is my mose recent.

    Any chance you are coming to Orlando again?