Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Donnie Hoyle, Lightroom Tutorials, Ink-jet Printing Tours, and 110 Photo Resources - Oh My!

Since we returned from our week of travels and I found a few minutes to hit the keyboard and the net again. It seems all kinds of solutions and information starting popping up that were vital to solving the US economic situation, world peace, understanding the presidential candidates positions and the hurricane Ike worries - OK, maybe that's a little too strong. Anyway, what I did happen upon were some great info gems that I know you will enjoy.

Donnie Hoyle on DigitalProTalk tomorrow!!! That's right folks, tomorrow on Podcast Wednesday, I'm interviewing Donnie Hoyle of "You Suck At Photoshop" fame. The series went ballistic on YouTube garnering over 12,000,000 views! The geniuses behind the series are Troy Hatch and Matt Bledsoe. My conversation is with Troy who is the voice of Donnie. Anyway, tune in tomorrow for a fascinating conversation with Troy Hatch - aka, Donnie Hoyle.

110 Photo-resources; First, thanks to Antonio Marques for including DigitalProTalk in his list of 110 Great Resources For Photographers - right here. What a list - this one will keep you busy for several rainy days. Tons of really fantastic stuff here. Thanks Antonio for compiling this great list of one stop shopping of photo info. Wait, there's more - while doing a quick cruise of Antonio's site I ran across his previous post of 35 Amazing Photo-Blogs and 35 Amazing Photographers right here - another good photo-cruise list.

Lightroom tutorials; Next, since this is Technique Tuesday and technique is what we are all about today, check out DigitalProTalk reader, John Esberg's Lightroom/Photoshop tutorial blog right here. What I like about John's site is that the tutorials are short and sweet and right to the point. He even gives you the option of watching them in H-Res, although they do take a little longer to load, it's worth it. This is especially true where you need the extra detail to get the most out of the tutorial. His recent tutorials are covering all thing LR2 and he's posting every few days - definitely worth the visit.

Ink-jet printing; Never thought you wanted to print your own images - too time consuming, too complicated, too much hassle. Then it's time you check out LexJet's Great Output Seminar coming to a city near you. My buddy, Tom Hauenstein of LexJet is taking the Great Output show on the road again. They had a great run last year and received wonderful seminar reviews. I'm glad to see LexJet presenting their program again for 2008-2009. Knowing that I'm a HUGE fan of printing my own work, Lexjet is definitely the leader in providing the latest, greatest information.

These guys are the experts. Tom presents the program in a no-nonsense, easy to understand manner. Lexjet is the best source available for anything ink-jet and they really know their way around everything having to do with getting the best output from your printers.
The Great Output Seminar registration fee of $49 includes seminar handout materials, lunch, refreshments, giveaways, and special discounts on photography-related products. For more information, and to register, contact a LexJet account specialist at 800-453-9538 , or go to Greatoutput.com. Sounds like a deal to me - I'll be there for sure when they hit Cincy.

Hey gang, that's it for me today. I've got a client coming by in about 90 minutes so I'm scootin' out of here. See ya' tomorrow. -David

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