Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Podcast Wednesday: A Conversation With Scott Tallyn - Data Recovery Expert

Good Morning Everybody,
Well, it's that time again - time for another podcast here at DigitalProTalk. This week's guest is Scott Tallyn of Tallyn Photographics. I have known Scott for a number of years as our path's have crossed many times at various trade shows and conventions.

That's exactly what happened three weeks ago in Las Vegas at Photoshop World. I hadn't seen Scott in a while so it was great to catch up with him after a few years. Although Scott runs his very successful Tallyn's Professional Photographic Supply, he ventured out into data recovery about 12 years ago and runs one of the few companies that has pioneered flash card data recovery in the mix.

Give a listen to my interview with Scott to hear the latest on hard drive and flash card reliability and failure. His insights and wisdom on the subject may help you avoid what we all fear most - corrupted cards and hard drive failures. Just tab on the Gcast button to the right of this post.

Questions For Scott Tallyn About Disaster Recovery:

1. You have built your data recovery business into one of the nation's leading companies offering data recovery services - What made you take your company in that direction?
2. You pioneered data recovery from flash cards, even disassembling them to get to the data. How successful have you been at that?
3. SanDisc just introduced a 32 gig model. That's a lot of data on that little chip. What do you think of the new high flying card capacities?
4. You talk about these cards having a certain number of Read/Write Cycles, what's that mean, and what's the life of a flash card - do they live forever?
5. Are there any instances where data can't be recovered from a card?
6. What are your best recommended strategies for shooting, saving, and optimizing card usage to avoid disaster?
7. You mentioned you even recover data from CDs and DVDs - I thought once they were scratched up, they were history?
8. How about hard drives? With the drive space getting bigger, are these newer models more or less reliable than in years past? What are the features that we should consider when purchasing a hard drive for my data?
9. You say people send you cards and drives the other data recovery companies have given up on and you can still recover the data - What's your success rate?
10. What's this cost, does it "break the bank"? Will my home owner's insurance cover any of the costs?

Scott is so dedicated to getting your data back and easing that sinking feeling in you stomach after you find out your drive crashed or all your wedding images seem to be history on that one flash card that won't open, you can call him personally on his cell 24/7. Here is his number - 309-696-7575. Here is his office number 800-433-8685 M-F.

Service doesn't get any better than that!

Thanks again Scott for sharing your insights and wisdom with our listeners. -David

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