Friday, September 12, 2008

OK, A Little Wedding Inspiration For Your Saturday Shoot

Hey gang, you have to check out Florida photographer, Carlos Baez's web site right here - the work is gorgeous. The lighting, composition, and colors captured in his image portfolios are visual treats - well worth the trip.

Wait, there's more. Also check out Los Angeles wedding photographer, Greg Bumatay's right here - just as delicious as Carlos Baez's site above. High Fives to John Martin, one of our DPT readers for link. Spend five minutes in both of these sites and you will be inspired for the weekend. Guaranteed!

Hey everybody, that's about it for me today. Hope you enjoyed the giggles and the great wedding photography links. We have our Master Class starting on Monday, so there's plenty of details to finalize, workbooks to be assembled, CDs to burn, name tags to be print.....lots of stuff to get organized over the weekend. I'll see everybody next week broadcasting from my Master Class. And remember, pixels are political too - they can be either Red or Blue ;~) See ya' Monday. -David

1 comment:

  1. Great shots. I've got a wedding for the next three Sat, and I like adding new ideas to the inspiration to my brain... Gav