Friday, September 26, 2008

Three Quick Inspirational Hits For The Road

I don't know how I found myself at the American Society Of Magazine Editors site, but once I got there, it was pretty cool. Hey, it's not wedding photography, but it has some great imagery by the top contenders in this year's competition. Here is the link. Wait, there's more. Also check out to the top magazine covers over the past 40 years - it's a nice peek at our society's history, our interests, current affairs at the time. It's a quick, fascinating and sometimes surprising look back. Here is the link.

If you want to see something really awesome, then check out It is a beautiful site with some outstanding photography. Here is the story. The site is supported by images of six photographers as they travel the world. Hit the Gallery tab, then click on any of the points on the map to see what images were captured there. The photographs are amazing. This is a great weekend diversion and very inspiring. Here is the link.

And last, but not least - check out Lance Burns Lance was one of the wild one's - I mean that in the most complimentary way, Lance - at my Summer Digital Master Class. Lance keeps me on his mailing list and it is always a pleasure to see what he is up to. The image I've posted here is one of my favorites. Check our Lance's site right here for additional images. Outstanding - way to go Lance.
Hey gang, that's it for me today. LaDawn and I are packing up and heading to Oldsmar, Florida - Photoshop World and NAPP World Headquarters on Sunday. We are down there for a few days to wrap a few more training videos for Kelby Training. You will catch me posting from sunny Florida for most of the week. Boy, the trip to Florida has me pondering about one thing - do pixels turn red if they get sunburned? I'll check with the Floridian pixels while I'm visiting ;~) See ya' next week everybody. -David

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  1. Hey David, Thanks for the kind words. I was happy to attend your class. You are a great instructor and your class was beneficial to my shooting. Most of my images on the site are from late July to now. I have rethought my style and my equipment. Both have made my work better, and with more respect for my innovation and vision I am now starting to produce those images that will inspire my future shoots!