Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Quick Hit Wednesday - Links You Need To Know About

Ever find yourself wishing you could get a special modification made to your gear to make it work more like you wanted. Well, Michael Bass has just the service for you offering several mods to portable flash lighting gear. I've never seen so many mods available in one place. My buddy Nicholas Viltrakis (see yesterday's Lightroom post) forwarded me. The Michael Bass link and it's worth adding to your Rolodex - here is the link right here.

Many of you know I'm honored to be involved in another blog, FineArtPhotoBlog, a great site showing some wonderful work of some fantastic photographers from around the world. One of those photographers is Andreas Manessinger from Vienna, Austria. Andreas and I have emailed each other over the past several months of our involvement in the FineArtPhotoBlog project. His work is outstanding - and how's this for a personal challenge? Andreas shoots and posts an image a day, EVERYDAY!

His work is fascinating and provocative giving a nice insight into a creative mind. Check out his recent post "Welcome To The Republic". Andreas provides some great insight into the shot and gives the low-down on his Photoshop technique that got him to the final result - a good read. Here is the link right here.

Hey gang, you also have to check out this link to Seim Effects Blog. Gavin Seim has been a regular reader of DigitalProTalk for many months and I love his comments on so many posts. Anyway, Gavin has a whole bunch of good stuff going on over at Seim Effects blog right here. He has been working on a number of Lightroom presets and has a nice video on what they do right here. Wait, there's more, Gavin has some complimentary Photoshop actions right here, and down-loadable actions - Free! - to add watermarks to your images - right here - all worth a peek.

Yesterday while researching and trying Nicholas' Lightroom copyright trick, I ran across this very interesting program called LR/Morgrify by Timothy Armes. It is "Donation" software - I love it - everybody wants everything for free, but so many people put so much energy into their efforts, I for one think it is appropriate for these guys to ask for a donation - anyway, I digress. Check out Timothy's LR/Morgrify software right here - it let's you overlay graphical watermarks to you images right out of Lightroom - pretty cool.

Hey gang, that's it for me today. A brides to see, pictures to take, class to inform, work to do - see everybody tomorrow. I hope to see some of you at the show. -David

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  1. David: I was flipping thru posts this morning and came across myself in one of them. I'm honored.

    You mentioned a few, but I'll add that for those who "don't" want buy anything there's a "Free Goodies" link in the nav menu that is linked to all the freebies on the site in one happy place :)

    Oh and about Timothy Arnes. He makes some great stuff. Also check out the LR Enfuse add one. It a simple way to merge a group of images to HDR's right from LR. A really great product and well worth a donation.