Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One For The Road Quick Tip - I Lost My Lightroom Folder :-O

Quick Hit #1; Ever rename a folder and then open it up in Lightroom only to find you have question marks on the folder names. Oh, no - where are they? I just had that exact experience happen to me this weekend and luckily found a quick solution to my problem. Just right click on the "Questionable" folder - the one with the question mark on it and there is your solution. Hit "Find Missing Folder" and re-path your way to the renamed folder, and presto, life is good again.

Quick Hit #2; I found this cool little tutorial by Steve Patterson over at Steve shows how to add a really cool effect of adding believable light rays coming through tree branches. It's fascinating to see how he gets to his final result. Here is the link. Give it a peek, it's a nice read. Thanks to ImagingInsider for the heads up on this one.

Quick Hit #3; You've probably seen this before over the Strobist's site, but Master Strobist, David Hobby has a really nice article on lighting right here. It features UK photographer, Nick Turpin, who walks you through his lighting set up for cool street portraits. He even throws in a free video. Again, definitely worth the watch.

Hey gang, that's it for me today. We have another big day at class including a morning trip to Ault Park and a night shoot way later on today. I'll plan to see everybody tomorrow, if I get any sleep, that is ;~) See ya' then. -David

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