Friday, September 19, 2008

In The Totally Unrelated To Wedding Photography Department

I've mentioned that my Inspiration Friday post can go in any number of different directions and is not always wedding related. Why? Because I truly feel that seeing images totally outside our normal photographic niche gets a different set on "brain juices" pumping up there in our grey matter. Those juices, once flowing, can then trigger us to find more creative perspectives within our own field of endeavor. That said, check out these two sites below.

The first is Troy Paiva's site right here. Troy has been traveling the country for many years photographing what many of us would just pass by without much notice. From abandoned gas stations to old rusty cars. He is doing most of his photography at dusk or at night by the light of the full moon using only flashlights (maybe the Brinkman) and gelled strobes. His imagery gives one a sense we missed something, just out of view, and within these very ordinary objects. Check out any of his 12 galleries - it's a nice image browse. Thanks to Brian Auer over at for the heads up on this beautiful site.

I'm leaving you today, with the "mother" of all inspirational photography sites - What an amazing site - about 1500 pages, 25 images per page of outstanding photography like this great image by Artemis. Hey folks, that's 37,500 images! The images cover many genres from landscapes to animals - you are sure to find something you like. I've linked to their most popular images right here. It's a wonderful browse - check it out sometime over the weekend. Hey gang, that's it for me today, class is calling. Have a great weekend and remember, "Pixels need light to live." ;~) See ya' next week. -David

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  1. LONG LIVE THE PIXEL! Great closing comment David. Thanks for working so hard and for everything that you do.