Tuesday, September 16, 2008

4 Quick Hits For Quick Hit Tuesday - News You Need To Know And Some You Don't

Quick Hit #1: So have you heard the latest - Kodak just introduced, you guessed it - a NEW film. Did I spell film correctly - it's been so long since I've even used the word. Please no emails - just a joke. Anyway, thanks to our super news-hound buddies over at ImagingingInsider.com, I spotted this story on Kodak's new film right here. It's the new KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTAR 100 Film Provides Photographers with the World’s Finest-Grain Colour Negative Film.

I remember introduction of Ektar film in 1989 - it was touted as the finest grain negative film on the market back then, and it really was, but only ISO 25. I used it on a trip to Egypt and got some super results with it. So, film shooters, unite and give it a try. I'd love to join ya' but I no longer own a film camera. Why? Because friends don't let friends shoot film. OK, OK - it was a joke! But I still like it ;~)

Quick Hit #2: Hey, while we are on the subject of film, you have to check out my Cincy blogging buddy, Jim Talkington's post comparing film vs. digital quality - here is the link. I thought it was a nice experiment. Be sure to read his links of interest that follow the article too - good info. While we are on the subject of film and resolution, check out my in depth article I posted last February "How Many Pixels Does It Take To Make A Face?" where I discuss resolution issues as they pertain to wedding photographers shooting wedding party groups. Here is the link. It fits right in with Jim's article and links. Quick Hit #3: So brand the new cameras are all the rage these days!! We had the introduction of Canon's new 50D - looks cool to me. And also, Nikon's introduction of their hot little number, the D90 with Hi-Def video built right in. The best scoop I've seen on this camera to date has been the Chase Jarvis post on Nikon's new D90 right here - give it a read and watch the video too. Nikon fans will love it and Canon shooters (yours truly) will be drooling. Thanks to uber blogger David Hobbie at the Strobist for the original "heads up" on the article.
But no worries, we Canon guys and gals have the new Canon 5D MkII (7D or what ever) lurking right around the corner. Just check out our friends over at rumor mill central - 1001 Noisy Cameras for the latest skinny on Canon's new camera destined to take over the world - here is the link, but you will need to polish up on your French just a bit.

Heck, I even heard 100 mega-pixels, sync to 1/5000 second, ISO 500,000, 2 hours of Hi-Def video built right into the camera, mind control to set ISO, shutter speed, and F-stops. OK, I'm probably exaggerating just a bit, but you know folks, it only gets cheaper, faster, and better for us photogs - long live the "Digital Revolution!"

Quick Hit #4: One last thing before I head off to class - let's talk sensor cleaning. Every now and then we need to clean the sensor - it's usually long over due when we get around to it and it's mostly because we don't want to take a chance on messing anything up. Well, this morning you have come to the right place to get the best and most thorough advice on the subject. I was cruising one of my favorite sites over the weekend - ByThom.com - Nikon centric, but full of general info on all things digital. Thom Hogan, the author of the site, ran an in-depth article on sensor cleaning right here. What do I mean by "In-Depth?" I mean over 5000 words! on the subject. It is really a complete discussion on the subject and worth printing off and filing away with your camera manual. By the way, check out the rest of Thom's site too - he's been around quite a while and has volumes of info in his archives.

Hey gang, that's it for me today, I just heard the school bell ring and class starts in just a few. I'll see everybody tomorrow for a very cool Technique Tuesday: Glamour Retouching In Lightroom. See ya' then. -David


  1. WOW, Film? I was just a kid when I used that! Interesting, though I guess there are some film shooters left.

    As for cleaning sensors, I've found that a Rocket Air works pretty well without touching the sensor. It's like a blower bulb on steroids, and it got a solid enough blast do get stuff off.


  2. I think this digital age is awesome for the camera makers. Everyone thinks they need a new body every 6 months when the new ones come out. Back in the days of film I had a Nikon F, Pentex K1000 & Nikon FE2 then graduated to a 8008s. In digital I went from an experimental 1.3mp sony cyber shot to a Fuji S2pro, a D70s to shoot in places where I thought I'd not return with a camera, to a S3 pro to a D300. The digital was over the past 5 years, the film was over 20 years. Best digital camera to date is the Fuji S3. Hands down except for fast action.

    Great Blog, Thanks

  3. Thanks for the site link for cleaning the camera sensor. I've been in the don't touch do it yourself camp since I bought my first digital. Now that I know about the cleaning methods, I believe I shall try them.